Date: 12 April 2021

5 High-performance Facials

high performance facials

The humble facial, reminiscent of a six-step waltz – cleanse, exfoliate, mask, tone, serum and moisturise – stepped it up when science cut in. All of a sudden ground apricot kernels were replaced with AHA’s. Hyulauronics, peptides, bioactives and nanomolecules gave skincare super powers. And then…. Technology.

Technology enhanced not only the active ingredients of the skincare, it started working on the skin itself. Results driven, age defying, and better than Botox took it to a Tango. Devices and serums moved as one. Adding impact delivered with grace.

In today’s fast-paced world, while we (me) would love a long, soothing tactile facial, it’s the ‘in your lunch-hour’ high-performing facials that are drawing the crowds. Here’s five facials that are hot right now.

1. The Pink Facial

The Pink Facial, while nanoneedles are used, is a really relaxing facial. There is enough facial massage that puts you in the zen zone, so that when the needles stamps the serum filled with goodness into your skin – you’re too relaxed to care! The serum contains 56 active components such as Glutathione, Vitamin B12, Growth Factors, Enzymes, Adenosine A2 Receptors, 6 different Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid. All of these active ingredients help to brighten the skin, improve the skin’s metabolism, enable skin regeneration, stimulate the fibroblast cells and increase the moisture levels resulting in smoother, hydrated, nourished and toned skin. Truly! The serum is stamped into the skin with a Turtlepin Device which is a single-use pen with tiny nanoneedles which delivers the serum into the subcutaneous level of the skin. And after, while you relax under the LED light, a delicious head and hand massage is applied. There is no downtime with the treatment. Highly recommended.

Suitable for: All Skin Types

Time: 60mins

Maintenance: Recommended monthly sessions or when your skin needs a boost.

Where: Karparti Skin ClinicKARPATI SKIN CLINIC


2. Ultraformer III

I am not going to lie, this is not a relaxing facial! There is an element of discomfort and the following days your face will feel like it has had a massive workout… akin to sore quads after an hour of non-stop squats. The positive though, with the Ultraformer treatment you will notice immediate results, yet the improvements keep coming up to 12 weeks post treatment. Ultraformer III is a revolutionary non-surgical, non-invasive skin lifting and tightening treatment that works by stimulating your body’s natural regenerative processes. Micro-Focused Ultrasound sends bursts of finely tuned ultrasonic energy to precise dermal depths to stimulate regeneration. The target tissues are heated to the specific temperature required to induce thermal injury. This causes the collagen to contract, and then, over time, produce new and stronger collagen. Just like lifting weights, there is an initial injury to the muscle cells (which is why it hurts) but over time it repairs to be a stronger cell. This is exactly how the Ultraformer works. You will see immediate tightening results caused by contracting the collagen fibres that support your skin. But more importantly, the treatment stimulates long-term production of new, stronger collagen, helping to lift and tighten sagging skin and fill out wrinkles, without downtime. This treatment is a good one. I’d trade 12 sub-par facials for one of these. Results galore!

Suitable for: All Skin Types

Time: 30-60mins

Maintenance: This facial has long-lasting results. Once a year or as needed.

Where: North Shore Aesthetics


3. The Aquapure Facial

AQUAPURE is a non-invasive hydrafacial treatment that actually hydrates your skin. It also has other great benefits delivered in under 30 minutes. The treatment uses three different solutions: for exfoliation, sebum control and collagen production. After your skin is cleansed and exfoliated an advanced, patented vortex technology called electroporation delivers the powerful natural ingredients directly to various layers of your skin to promote a rejuvenated, brighter and more glowing complexion. This is followed by MICRO-CURRENT to facilitate skin tightening by boosting elastin and collagen regeneration. It is ideal for all skin types and targets uneven skin tone, oily congested pores, dehydrated and dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Suitable for: All Skin Types

Time: 30mins

Maintenance: Recommended monthly sessions or when your skin needs a boost.

Where: North Shore Aesthetics

4. The Intrinsic Facial

This facial uses incredible skincare products, which on their own, deliver the goods. When they are infused deep into your skin with ultrasonic infusion technology… WOW! But the real gem of this unique treatment is the Buccal Massage. I say it’s the facial equivalent to a Thai Massage – where they take your body and tie it in knots and afterwards you feel taller and more flexible.

“The ‘buccal’ component involves gloved hands massaging the nasal labial folds, the jaw muscles, the cheeks and lips, bringing blood circulation to the skin. This blood circulation results in increased oxygen and nutrition to the dermal layers of the skin. It also offers an intense release of tension in the facial muscles, leaving the cheekbone and jaw line looking more pronounced,” explains Isabella Loneragan, who bought the technique from Paris to Sydney. A seriously incredible experience if you want to destress the muscles of your face and wipe away the years.

Suitable for: All Skin Types

Time: 60mins

Maintenance: Recommended monthly sessions or when your skin needs a boost.

Where: The Dermal Diary


5. The Cryo Facial

Cryo everything is hot right now! Thanks to people like Wim Hof, ice therapy has become less alternate and more mainstream. As practiced by Scandi cultures for centuries, ice bathing has been proven to burn fat, boost your immune system, help you sleep better, reduce inflammation and enhance nature’s own mood boosters.

Cryo has the benefits of ice bathing, without all the…. Well ice! During a cryo facial, the intense cold causes your blood vessels to contract and your pores to tighten, which is a similar but more intense version of what happens when you rub ice on your face. Warmth is then applied to your skin so it returns to its normal temperature and the blood vessels dilate quickly. This causes an increase in the flow of blood and oxygen to the face. In addition to the benefits of cold then warm, a unique serum is applied, and this serm is carried deep into the skin when blood vessels dilate. The results are immediate after just one treatment. Be warned though, this facial is quite addictive.

Suitable for: All Skin Types

Time: 20mins

Maintenance: Recommended every 5 weeks

Where: Bare Beauty House I was lucky enough to experience each of these facials and can hand on my heart say, they all deliver. Depending on what results your seeking or budget to work with, will determine the best treatment for you.

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By Kris Abbey

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