Sense Of Self Bathhouse

LOCATION: Collingwood, Victoria, 3066, Australia.

Sense Of Self Bathhouse occupies a double storey converted brick warehouse. Soak up a space where ancient wisdom and modern design collide.

30 – 32, Easey Street, Collingwood, Victoria, 3066, Australia

we stand for a new standard of wellness.

Sense Of Self Bathhouse is a wellness space for the modern being. There is bathing and sauna for those who want to get soaked, massage and spa treatments to give tired bodies some serious love, programs to go deeper, and plenty of space to take some time out. Self-care is a practice, not an indulgence. Some healthy hedonism is good for you. Beauty is more than skin deep. And idleness is essential to activity.


Soak up a space where ancient wisdom and modern design collide. Located on the border of Collingwood and Fitzroy, Sense Of Self Bathhouse occupies a double storey converted brick warehouse. The facilities include a large mineral bath (39℃), Finnish sauna (80℃), pail shower, cold plunge (10℃-12℃), a day spa, retail, and plenty of space to take your time.

Bathhouse entry gives you 2 hours of access to the communal bathing facility, and multi-passes are available for the die-hard bathers. If you would like to book a massage and bathing, start with booking your massage and add bathing as an add on.


Sense Of Self is an all-gendered communal bathhouse. The busiest times are after 4pm on weekdays and the weekends. In the spirit of community we do not restrict chatter among friends during these times. But we do have Quiet Mornings from 7am-12pm on weekdays.

Please note that because of the high temperatures of our pool and sauna our facility is not suitable for pregnant people, at any stage.


a space to bring your whole self to.

Bathing is hardly a new concept. Our cleverest ancestors have been at it for centuries. Today we’re inundated with wellness products, but against the hurried landscape of 24/7 digital connection, our wellbeing is still seriously lacking.

That is where we come in. We bring the best and most beloved communal bathhouse traditions into modern life, and decouple it from ideals of beauty and performance, providing you the space to just be, sans expectation.


ancient rituals, for the modern being.


founded by filmmaker come bathing enthusiast and a botanist come hotelier, mary minas and freya berwick.

As a Greek Cypriot, the importance of bringing people together was ingrained in Mary’s DNA. After taking a ‘bathhouse odyssey’ through Europe, North Africa and Japan she saw the benefits of traditional bathing for social connection and everyday wellness.

Growing up in the Daintree, Freya has always believed in the power of connection with place and the self. In a career spanning hospitality design, botanical science and research, she fell hard for Scandinavian design and sauna culture during a three-year stint in Norway.

Mary and Freya teamed up to create an Australian space that would draw on global practices to meet modern needs, in an inclusive way. The result is Sense of Self; a contemporary bathhouse and spa with beautiful design, a big mission, and world-class customer service at its core.


above the bathhouse is our massage studio, where we’ve pared back the spa experience, and amped up the magic, to give you a little hiatus from the everyday.

We have three types of massages, available as either a 60 or 90 minute treatment. Simple.

We then have a few options for customising your time on the table- either a straight up massage, facial, or scalp and foot treatment.

To book, just choose the duration and type of appointment you’d like, and then you will be prompted to choose how you use your time on the table.




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