Willow Urban Retreat

Location: Armadale, Victoria, 3143, Australia.

The Wellness Team at Willow Urban Retreat offers holistic spa therapies and wellness consultations in a beautiful and tranquil environment.

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situated at the heart of armadale’s high street, willow urban retreat is a space cultivated to inspire an appreciation for greater health and wellness in each of our patrons. from the food, to the classes and the wellness treatments and body therapies we provide, every aspect of the willow experience is created with a deeper sense of luxury in mind.

The Wellness Team at Willow Urban Retreat offers holistic spa therapies and wellness consultations in a beautiful and tranquil environment. Massage, facials, body therapies and wellness consultations are provided by our skilled team of holistic health experts, influential specialists and outstanding spa therapists, all dedicated to guiding and empowering you toward a greater state of balance and wellbeing.

connect with yourself and connect with your community

For the mind to be in optimal health, so must the body. Movement invigorates your very core, waking up your soul to restore drive, motivation and an undeniable zest for life. Our Yoga Studio is designed for you to breathe deeply & reconnect with yourself. Our teachers offer a variety of traditions all designed to encourage, restore and enlighten.

Looking to join a welcoming yoga community? Willow is home to a range of classes that are designed to inspire, challenge and help you grow from the inside out. Newcomers and experienced yogis will love our varied flow sequences and the extra restorative yin classes that we provide. Strengthen, sculpt and tone your body or embrace the introspective nature of this ancient practice. Our Melbourne studio space is an inner-city sanctuary waiting to be found.

Book a mat today and experience Willow Urban Retreat for yourself.

our offering

clinical mat pilates class ~ at willow, at work, at home

Our clinical pilates classes balance modern health research and mindful movement to provide remedy to pain, openness to the body and strength & stability to the body. This private & energetic class will help strengthen, invigorate & motivate your team, and is the perfect way to kick off the work day, or invigorate the afternoon.

yoga classes or memberships~ at willow, at work, at home

For the mind to be in optimal health, so must the body. Movement invigorates your teams’ core, waking up their souls to restore drive, motivation, and an undeniable zest for life.  Our balanced & grounding yoga classes are designed to do just that – and to help your team take a moment to just breathe.

We offer private yoga classes or corporate memberships for your team to experience our 23+ classes every week at our Willow Studio in their own time. Our classes are suitable for beginners or experienced yogis.

dining at our wholefoods cafÉ or catering – at willow, at work

 We believe that truly good food should be equal parts vibrant, delicious, and nourishing. We’re excited about cuisine that looks incredible, tastes amazing, and leaves us feeling happy. We are proud to serve mindfully good food for your breakfasts, lunches, dinners events, or off-sites.

private meditation classes – at willow, at work, at home

A seated meditation practice designed to help your team reconnect with themselves. Our meditation classes cultivate mental clarity for busy & stressed minds. Our meditation classes are suitable for beginners or experienced meditators.

clinical kinesiologist & ergonomic assessor- at work, at home

Designed to improve working from home set-up advice, manual handling safety practices and minimise workplace related injuries, our clinical physiotherapist supports, informs & balances your team. Clinical kinesiology & ergonomic assessment provides growth your team & a crucial element of your workplaces’ onboarding process.

 Our clinical physiotherapist examines 2 clients per hour and provides suggestions as to how your team can improve their ergonomic setup at home, or in the office.

 on-site clinical physiotherapy- at work

When injuries do arise, rest in the knowledge of receiving accurate diagnoses for complex musculoskeletal conditions with clear management plans. Our clinical physiotherapist provides one-on-one assessment & treatment offerings in a private room at your office.

keynote speakers

We have a range of thought leaders & change makers who deliver powerful talks & workshops designed to reveal the secrets of living a happy & healthy life. Our health & wellbeing experts speak on topics ranging from mental health, nutrition, motivation, leadership, meditation & mindfulness, sleep, parenting & more!

“at the formulators bench”- at home

Make an at-home Matcha Latte Face Mask and Citrus Drop Body Scrub

Globally trained Clinical Aromatherapist, Aromatic Medicine & Cosmetic Chemist Prashanti will guide your team through a hands-on workshop to create natural skin & body care products using pantry staples! After guiding everyone through her recipes & wealth of knowledge, the virtual session ends to give everyone the space to apply their medicinal masks & scrubs in the privacy of their own homes.

mental health awareness workshops

These 2 hour facilitated workshops can be tailored to the mental health challenges seen in your organisation or can be delivered to provide a general overview of mental health in Australia and focusing on workplace health. All workshops are facilitated including case studies for participants to practice supporting others who are becoming unwell.

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    Spa-inspired Detox Program

    This program has been created with the help of the best Health Retreats around the world and designed especially for you to do at home.

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