Bangkok, Thailand

Where to Eat and Drink in Bangkok

Raan Jay Fai

Raan Jay Fai

This Michelin-starred restaurant is known for its crab omelette, a crispy, golden egg omelet filled with succulent crab meat. The restaurant mainly serves wok-cooked seafood dishes, and is highly popular among food enthusiasts.

The House On Sathorn

The House on Sathorn

The House on Sathorn is a restaurant known for its upscale ambiance and creative cuisine. They’ve been recognized on Asia’s 50 Best list, so you can expect a refined dining experience. The House on Sathorn seems like a place steeped in history and offering a touch of luxury. Whether you’re interested in fine dining, cocktails, or a unique event space, The House on Sathorn might be worth checking out.

Sirocco At Lebua

Sirocco at Lebua

Its sights are iconic: Lebua’s imposing golden dome, the twinkling lights of Bangkok around and below. Suspended on a precipice 820 feet in the air, Sky is one of the highest rooftop cocktails in the world.

Come for magic hour, or sundown, or after dark—it’s a different scene from hour to hour, thanks to the fading light, the flickering cityscape, and a backlit cocktail venue that changes color throughout the night.

Eat Me

Eat Me

Eat Me Restaurant is a mainstay in Bangkok’s always changing restaurant scene; it’s been around for a while yet always stays on the cutting edge of modern. The restaurant you can count on to serve your favorite meal and something new at the same time. 

Sala Rim Naam

Sala Rim Naam

Located on the opposite bank of the river, just across from the hotel, you’ll discover Sala Rim Naam – an elegantly decorated pavilion offering exceptional Thai cuisine inspired by royal Thai culinary traditions. Enjoy authentic Thai cuisine with live cultural performance.

Yaowarat Street

Yaowarat Street

Yaowarat is a haven for foodies. You’ll find classic Thai dishes like pad thai, curries, and noodle soups alongside more adventurous options like grilled insects and offal. Foods are generally very affordable, making Yaowarat a great place to try a variety of dishes without breaking the bank. It’s a must try on our list of Where to eat and drink in Bangkok

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