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About Kris Abbey

Kris Abbey is the founder of Spa & Wellness. She is an adventurer, educator, communicator and above all, a trusted wellness expert. She deeply cares about the Spa & Wellness Industry and the people it serves. Her career is entrenched in this industry, which has landed her (smack in the middle) of a treatment table, yoga mat, mud pool or rain forest… all for the cause of wellness!

Kris has sat on the board for the following organisations: ASpa: Australasia’s Spa Association IHWA: International Health & Wellness Alliance AIM: Australian Institute of Management (Advisory Board) GWS: Global Wellness Summit (alumni)



Our Story

From Spa Life to Spa & Wellness We started out as a monthly magazine and have evolved into so much more – we have evolved to be more fitting with where the wellness-seeking consumer sits today.

The Spa we know and love is so much more than pamper and luxury, it’s preventative health and lifestyle. We have put in the legwork to find out how locals around the world support their wellbeing and bring that to you. Most authentic Spa treatments originate from century old healing techniques, rituals and practices, not in six-star hotels.

What we offer is a world directory of the best and most authentic spa, wellness and travel experiences.

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Kris was one of the pioneers that rallied the Australian spa and wellness industry

Kris was one of the pioneers that rallied the Australian spa and wellness industry; her passion for all things ‘wellness’ clearly showing through her work with the media and not-for-profit associations. She walks her talk with integrity and humility, is unfailingly positive, and always has a kind word to say or a constructive suggestion to add. I’m thrilled to have her working with us on the Board of the International Health & Wellness

Samantha Foster, Internation Health & Wellness Alliance

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Our business is your business

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We have created a platform for the Spa, Wellness & Travel industries to offer their services, and a beautiful space for consumers to find the best they have to offer.

If you’re a business owner, write a description, add images, upload your services, integrate social media, and add any special promotions or deals you’re offering.

You can also put up video content and have total control of your listing. You can even see who’s visiting your page, what interactions they had, and even get them to make a booking.

I’ve spent years building this platform to be a one-stop-shop for travel, wellness and Spa business owners, as well as a place for consumers to come to find them.

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