Mornington Peninsula, Australia

Wineries in Mornington Peninsula

intercontinental sorrento

Ten Minutes by Tractor

The winery started in 1997 with three family owned vineyards in Main Ridge, all ten minutes by tractor apart. Since then we have added new vineyards, but all have their own unique character with different aspects, slopes, soils, altitude and winds which flow through the valleys up from Bass Strait.

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Port Phillip Estate

The soils of the Red Hill vineyard exemplify the tholeiitic basalts of the Eocene period, when the volcanic activity extruded throughout the Red Hill, Main Ridge and Merricks areas. These well drained, primarily iron-rich, moderately vigorous ferrosols are expressed in the pure bright and aromatic wines from this property.

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Montalto Vineyard and Olive Grove

Enjoy a private behind the scenes winery tour, hosted by our winemaking team, bringing to life their winemaking philosophies as you drink straight from the barrel and learn about the imporant developmental phases each wine goes through.

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Polperro’s unique, bespoke and creative menu, featuring heirloom varietals and perfect flavour profiles, are made possible through our long-held relationships with key industry experts, combined with our own saved seedbank. This gives our chefs access to the very best produce.

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