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Blue Zones Group Retreat At Kamalaya

Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary Tea Sharing Ceremony Low Res


Kamalaya, Asia’s multi-award-winning wellness sanctuary and holistic spa, proudly announces the launch of its life-enhancing Blue Zones ® group retreat  on Koh Samui in May 2024. This innovative program, based on 20 years of research by Blue Zones , offers guests an immersive experience to discover the secrets of longevity and wellbeing from the world’s blue zones regions. Kamalaya’s Blue Zones group retreat promises to transform, inspiring
individuals to lead healthier, happier and more purposeful lives.

Our collaboration with Blue Zones has allowed us to curate an evidence-based program that uncovers the secrets of the world’s longest-lived cultures, empowering our guests to make meaningful changes in their lives.

Experience the life-enhancing wisdom of the centenarians from the blue zones in this transformative retreat enriched by Thai culture and wellbeing practices. Learn their longevity secrets and how to implement them into your day-to-day life. Reshape your surroundings so you can unconsciously make better decisions with simple and effective tools, for long-lasting health and happiness benefits for you and your loved ones.

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