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Radiant Bliss Retreat – Kamalaya

Radiant Bliss Retreat – Kamalaya

Each stage of a woman’s life cycle and its maturity expresses different physical, emotional, mental and social needs that affect her overall health and wellbeing. The Radiant Bliss Women’s Health program uniquely addresses all ages and phases of life, whether you are in your fertile years and trying to get pregnant, transitioning into perimenopause and trying to cope with the symptoms that come with it or managing menopause. The program’s various treatments and therapies are well-researched to support a strong foundation for a woman’s health as well as help you strengthen balance and thriving vitality. Every treatment is tailored to your individual needs and health goals.

The Radiant Bliss program draws on ancient Asian healing traditions such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda, alongside holistic Western approaches such as Naturopathy, functional medicine, nutrition and current medical research. The synergistic combination of treatments and therapies from various traditions achieves optimum results and delivers an array of transformational offerings.

Incorporated in the Radiant Bliss program are Life-Enhancement Mentoring sessions to address emotional and individual needs, and functional medicine treatments in Kamalaya’s recently opened Longevity House including IV therapy specifically tailored to women’s health. Guests will also experience Kamalaya’s new Lanna Samunphrai Ron Abdominal Massage for balancing hormones and relieving lower back pain while aiding digestion. Additionally, the new program includes a set of Kamalaya’s own blend of nutraceutical-grade supplementation and remedies for fundamental support of female wellbeing.

After completing the Radiant Bliss program, women will be better educated about their health and equipped with insights and tools to listen to their bodies, understand their needs and synchronise their lifestyle and daily habits towards meeting their personal goals.

Radiant Bliss

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