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Raffles Bali Retreat With Kim Strother

Raffles Bali Retreat With Kim Strother

Introducing a new Retreat by Raffles, a meticulously crafted and immersive six-day well-being journey blending mindfulness practices, personalised training, and authentic Balinese rituals. This experience aims to foster emotional reconnection, physical release and balance – enhanced by the serene surroundings of the Jimbaran hills and endless Indian Ocean panoramas.

The retreat will be guided by Kim Strother, a renowned New York-based holistic health coach, personal trainer, yoga instructor, and wellness consultant. Kim’s full-circle approach comes from her belief in bio-individuality: that each one of us has unique needs, and differences in anatomy, metabolism, and body composition all influence what makes us feel our best. Her approach gives equal attention to fitness, functional nutrition, and mindfulness.

Your Retreat by Raffles journey is enriched by connecting with the cultural and natural heritage of the Island of the Gods, including traditional Balinese ceremonies, hiking in nature and deliciously nourishing menus at the Raffle’s restaurants.


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