Amaranth Spa By Harnn

LOCATION: Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, 10330, Thailand.

Amaranth spa by HARNN at Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok stands out among the concrete jungle in Bangkok as an oasis of serenity. Smart and sustainable, mix and matches green, local products with modern cosmetology

78, Soi Ton Son, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, 10330, Thailand

you’ve probably just explored bangkok’s cultural sights, shopped till you dropped at the major malls, or maybe you simply need to recoup after back-to-back meetings. who knows, but you’re in need of the perfect anecdote for a rejuvenating spa day or even a little extra tlc – or all of the above.


Like the tall, elegant amaranth flower, Amaranth spa by HARNN at Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok stands out among the concrete jungle in Bangkok as an oasis of serenity. Smart and sustainable, amaranth spa by HARNN mix and matches green, local products with modern cosmetology. With ancient therapy wisdom and the latest technology, every spa journey is one of a kind. Designed to engage each of the five senses, every spa experience is soothing and enchanting. A tangy sip of mocktail to ease your mind. An aromatic blend of essential oils to set the mood. The healing touch of therapists on your porcelain skin. The time seemingly stops at amaranth spa by HARNN. You relax, revitalize and recharge in this timeless space.


Teaming up with local HARNN Heritage Spa and Biologique Recherche, amaranth spa by HARNN focuses on harnessing the energy flow by using organic ingredients, designed to indulge and revive. Like the enchanting amaranth flower and energy stone, our hotel spa in Bangkok offers you an array of healing therapies that fuses ancient Oriental wisdom with modern cosmetic techniques, including muscle-soothing massages, refreshing facials and Amaranth-scented rituals.


The sight of earthy elements will put the soul at ease, as one sips a tangy herbal mocktail to relax the mind. As a blend of five aromatic oils that fills the air with its calming scent, the firm touch of practitioners draws out a sense of serenity from within. While time has seemingly stopped, the calm tunes echo in the spa cocoon. Timeless, everlasting and ever-changing, amaranth spa by HARNN is a delectable sensory journey.


A multi-sensory experience that’ll melt away your everyday stress with all-natural goodness. The Amaranth Fantastique begins with an emollient foot soak and a warm bath. The organic therapeutic essential oils, exotic herbs and amaranth floral petals will immediately relax you and ease you into the exfoliating body scrub of your choice. It’s all about removing dead skin cells and restoring your skin’s natural radiance.


Select a signature body therapy that suits you, and allow us to relieve any uncomfortable build-up of tension in your muscles. After we unknot the blockages in your energy flow, the special gem therapy follows. It helps lift your facial muscles and return your eternal youth. The Amaranth Fantastique then ends with an amaranth-scented ritual, where you’re invited to stay and linger as long as you wish.

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