Amatara Welleisure

LOCATION: ตำบล วิชิต, ภูเก็ต, 83000, Thailand.

Amatara is one of the leading luxury wellness resorts in Thailand, offering treatments & activities that genuinely enhance your body, mind & spirit.

Sakdidej Road, ตำบล วิชิต, ภูเก็ต, 83000, Thailand
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the destination for a transformative healthy living journey

True to its name, Amatara, Thailand’s premium destination spa, provides you everlasting moments and an experience like no other.

Located at the majestic Cape Panwa, Amatara offers guests Asia’s best coastal view in Phuket. Surround yourself with the calming tranquility of Andaman’s blue seas and endless skies with the 180 degree sea view available only at Amatara.

Offering numerous wellness retreat programs, Amatara have an extensive array of treatments, activities, and creative wellness workshops. You can choose as many or as little as you like, or leave it to us to curate a program to help you reach your wellness goals while having a great holiday.

Ranging from the comprehensive wellness retreat program to an extensive range of treatments, activities, and creative wellness workshops for sustainable healthy living, they encourage you to join as many or as little as you feels good for you.

Every guest in the hotel is entitled to a complimentary physical analysis by our licensed physiotherapist. This session helps to determine exercise suitability and to raise any potential red flags for injury or discomfort due to poor posture or alignment.

A proper physical analysis shows how you use your musculoskeletal system and how any postural imbalances may contribute to pain or injury, or result in symptoms during exercise. It’s an excellent session for anyone starting a new workout, or who wants to learn more about their body, as it relates to wellbeing during exercise and daily movement.

Amatara's holistic treatments have been carefully selected based on their benefits and lineage of traditional wisdom. Holistic medicine aims to stimulate the innate, natural healing forces within the body, clearing any physical or energetic obstructions that may prevent healing and balance.

The holistic treatments provide a broader perspective of wellness healing and these help for detox, weight loss, stress management, depression treatment, combat insomnia, or rebalancing energy.

Amatara’s first Thai Hammam is the ‘gentle’ version of the traditional Hammam. They use a selection of high-quality Thai natural products, herbs and aromas, and Thai spa treatments combined with a traditional Middle Eastern Hammam.


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