Aurora Spa & Bathhouse

LOCATION: Sorrento, Victoria, 3943, Australia.

Aurora Spa & Bathhouse is your seaside retreat with therapeutic experiences that aim to deliver deeply restorative and high impact wellness outcomes

23, Constitution Hill Road, Sorrento, Victoria, 3943, Australia
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Retreat into an immersive sensory wellness experience at AURORA SPA & BATHHOUSE,  at The Continental Sorrento. Merging our twenty-four years of wellbeing expertise with the latest in evidence-based wellness, the next level Aurora experience offers you a complete regenerative wellness destination.

Aurora Spa & Bathhouse is your seaside retreat with therapeutic experiences that aim to deliver deeply restorative and high impact wellness outcomes . Within a dramatic backdrop of contemporary design that transports you from the everyday to the extraordinary, you will find evidence-based remedies, ancient bathing traditions with a modern twist, meaningful spa rituals, the powerfully regenerative benefits of hot and cold contrast therapy and a team that knows how to help you achieve peak wellness.

aurora is your remedy

Aurora is a soothing space where wellness know-how, wholehearted care and inspired design come together to offer you physical, mental and emotional nourishment. Our approach considers your entire being, even taking it down to a cellular level to initiate transformative results.

Find your tailored remedy to counterbalance the depleting effects of our evermore demanding lifestyles so you can live with greater connection, capacity and vitality.

aurora is your remedy treatments

Come to Aurora Spa to enjoy evidence-based remedies, therapeutic massages, skin health facials, body rituals, wellness coaching, mindfulness and meditation, all served with a perfect measure of sublime bliss.

Aurora Bathhouse offers a range of therapeutic experiences at varying temperatures to elevate your wellbeing in an immensely enjoyable way.


Our medi-facials are clinical-strength, holistic facial treatments using products and techniques prescribed by a skin specialist for visibly transformative results.


Amplify the wellbeing impact of your visit with one of our Bathe & Spa packages. A pre-treatment bathing session helps you to fully unwind and relax, priming body and mind for elevated treatment results.


Proven to benefit the circulatory, immune, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems, massage is an immensely enjoyable addition to any wellness routine.


Enjoy an immersive wellbeing experience with one of our rituals, combining treatments and services that enhance each other’s effectiveness to bring you accelerated results.


Rejuvenate your skin and reveal your inner radiance with our Spa Facials, using natural nourishment from the botanically active ASPAR skin care line.


Designed packages and rituals are for friends, families and loved ones wanting to deepen their connection while enjoying a luxury wellbeing experiences.


The choices you make today have a reverberating effect that influences your future. Our expert team of coaches and teachers are here to help guide you to a future of positive wellbeing.


Sophisticated techniques to detoxify, tone, tighten, lift, refine and revitalise your skin.


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