Chiang Mai Detox

LOCATION: Chiang Mai, 50290, Thailand.

At Chiang Mai Detox, you will unleash the tremendous power of healing that lies dormant within you and we will help you restore balance on all levels of your mind and body.

chiang mai detox


a place where you can transform your health.


At Chiang Mai Detox, you will unleash the tremendous power of healing that lies dormant within you and we will help you restore balance on all levels of your mind and body.
Through our integrated programs of cleansing, therapeutic exercise, super nutrition and deep relaxation you will have the unique opportunity to rest, heal and rebalance in the beautiful surroundings of Chiang Mai Detox.


We offer a safe haven, a private secluded place away from the busy tourist areas where there are no restaurants, bars & clubs to tempt you and there is no loud music / noise to distract you! In the peace & tranquility of our retreat, you will be able to completely de-stress, prioritizing your own personal goals. You will be in caring and capable hands as our staff guide you through your wellness journey, explaining what will be happening to you and why it is happening. Once you understand the benefits of a detox and undergo the physical and mental transformation that takes place, you will be thrilled you tried it!


Do you want to… 

  • Improve your health & fitness?
  • Change your eating habits/lifestyle?
  • De-stress
  • Stop your weight spiraling out of control?
  • RESET your life?

You don’t need a new face, body or lottery win to have a better life! Instead you can do it by simply examining your daily habits, your food, your sleep and even your bowels, learning little miracles that will transform every day into a better one!


signature detox

You will benefit from a program that we have formulated using over 14 years of experience. It offers a structured routine of relaxing activities and superfood juices and supplements that take the stress & hunger out of detoxing!


detox & rejuvenation

If you would like to prepare & break your fast at our retreat, we can tailor you a combined program giving you amazing before & after results.


eat, play and cleanse

If you would like to eat and cleanse, this program is perfect for you! It includes an array of fun outdoor activities and sight-seeing tours, giving you that total healthy holiday experience.


ultimate detox

This program has been designed for people who may have more serious health, weight or emotional concerns OR for those who are seeking long lasting results. It goes far beyond just a physical detox, it’s a life changing experience.


ican cook

The program gives you the unique opportunity to Learn how to cook tantalizing Thai food whilst also enjoying an array of healthy and fun activities.



This healthy eating program is relaxation of the body, mind and emotions and is one holiday you’ll return home from feeling completely rested, renewed and re-energised!

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