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Cutting edge Cosmetic Surgery in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide & Gold Coast. Leaders in Liposuction, Breast Reduction, and Anti Wrinkle Injections.

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cosmos clinic - your liposuction experts

cutting edge cosmetic surgery in sydney, melbourne, canberra, adelaide & gold coast. leaders in liposuction, breast reduction, and anti wrinkle injections.

your complete cosmetic surgery clinic bringing science to the art of beauty.

Our experienced team of medical practitioners and registered nurses are committed to the expert delivery of timeless natural beauty with leading procedures such as Vaser Hi Definition Liposuction, Brazilian Butt Lift, Anti-wrinkle Injections, Breast Reductions and Acne Scar Treatments.

non-surgical nose reshaping

A simple procedure that uses Dermal Fillers to achieve a more desirable shape to the nose without surgery.

Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping is a cosmetic procedure that uses dermal fillers to change the shape of the nose without the need for an invasive procedure like a traditional rhinoplasty. The procedure is available across all Cosmos Clinics in SydneyCanberraAdelaideGold Coast & Melbourne.

when is it more appropriate to undergo a non-surgical nose job than a surgical approach?

Many patients with minor or less severe irregularities of the nose can achieve a more desirable nose appearance using a dermal filler injection, thus avoiding the need to undergo invasive surgery. A Non-Surgical Nose Job avoids the risks of surgery and has no effect on nasal breathing as it only involves the injection of a Dermal Filler into the skin. The procedure is very precise (using small amounts of filler at a time), and detailed adjustments to the nasal contouring can be achieved.

liposuction & liposculpture

Helping women and men remove stubborn pockets of fat that don’t respond to diet, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. With over 15,000 liposuction procedures, we've helped our clients achieve their body enhancement goals using the latest in Vaser Liposuction technology to remove fat in areas such as:

- Tummy (or Abdomen)
- Love handles (or hips)
- Thighs (inner, outer, front & back)
- Buttocks
- Arms, Back, Chin

Unlike traditional forms of liposuction, Cosmos Clinic use VASER technology for its faster recovery from surgery, minimal downtime from day to day activities and can even help tighten skin.

why vaser is superior vs other liposuction

Traditional Liposuction

With Vaser Liposuction, there are three main stages. First, tumescent solution is injected into the areas about to be liposuctioned. This first stage numbs those areas and preps the body for stage two. The second stage is the use of the Vaser probe. This probe utilises Vaser technology to melt the fat underneath the skin and produces heat to stimulate skin tightening. Thirdly, the fat is then suctioned out of the body in a liquid-like consistency. With Traditional Liposuction, the middle stage is skipped. This means that the fat melting stage is bypassed. To explain in non-technical terms, Traditional Liposuction is like sucking out a brick of fat through a straw, whereas Vaser Liposuction melts the fat, making it similar to sucking butter out through a straw. This extra separation stage used during Vaser Liposuction means there is less trauma to the body; therefore, creating a gentler healing process and overall better results as more fat cells are removed.


Liposoft uses water to separate fat cells. This means that there is no heat given off when Liposoft is used. Therefore, unlike Vaser Liposuction, you will not get the skin tightening benefits that the Vaser probe offers.

Laser Liposuction

Laser Liposuction, as the name suggests, uses light to melt fat. Laser energy comes out of the tip of the probe whereas Vaser energy comes out of the tip and the sides of the probe so Vaser gives out more energy in a more uniform pattern. Laser Liposuction can only be used for small areas (such as the neck). This technique is unable to melt large volumes of fat, therefore meaning it cannot effectively treat areas like the abdomen and flanks.


The Bodytite Liposuction technique utilises radio frequency. This means that Bodytite works in a similar way to Vaser Liposuction. However, the most noticeable difference is that Vaser Liposuction causes less trauma to the tissues – therefore minimising risks and recovery time. The heat produced and used by Vaser is gentler and more uniformed, meaning the procedure is also less painful.

anti wrinkle injections

Look visibly younger by treating frown lines, smile lines and forehead lines with Anti-Wrinkle Injections. This safe and effective treatment relaxes facial muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles with no downtime.

Anti Wrinkle Injections usually cause muscle relaxation of the injected area three to five days after the injection. The full effects may not be seen for two weeks, however this may vary from patient to patient. Cosmos Clinic encourage all patients to return for their complimentary follow-up appointment after two weeks.

Effective anti-wrinkle injections that take up to 30-minutes

Anti Wrinkle Injections work by blocking the impulses from the nerves that control muscle movement. When injected into muscle tissue, muscle relaxation results after about three days; such that the muscles can not contract. This creates a smooth rejuvenated appearance of the overlying skin that can last anywhere from three to eight months. When used for the treatment of dynamic facial lines, the effect typically last for about three months.

Anti Wrinkle Injections require five to ten tiny injections per area with a very fine needle. Unlike Anti-wrinkle Injections given at skin clinics, our medical professionals use cold packs and preserved saline to reduce the mild discomfort. No local anaesthetic cream is needed.

At Cosmos Clinic, all our injectors are specially trained in performing injectable treatments; and one of our medical professionals has been appointed as an Allergan National Trainer (a prestigious title held by less than 20 doctors nationwide).

We also treat many interstate and overseas patients each year at Cosmos Clinic. Therefore, we have set procedures in place for those travelling to our clinics for treatment. For travelling patients please send us images of the areas you wish to have treated, which Cosmos Clinic you’d like treatment at, and where you’re located in the description so our staff can include all the appropriate information for travelling patients as part of your personalised quote.

dermal filler treatments

When you want to look fresher and younger, but don’t want to have surgery, dermal fillers are the ideal treatment option. At Cosmos Clinic, we use dermal fillers to enhance facial features and restore lost volume in your face, with instant results. Our Cosmetic Surgeons and Cosmetic Nurses focus on creating a fresher, more youthful appearance. With advanced training and decades of injecting experience, they’ll customise your dermal filler treatment to meet your aesthetic needs.

Dermal fillers are composed of a natural complex sugar called hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in your body. Over time you’ll have a gradual loss of hyaluronic acid due to the natural ageing process. This results in volume loss in your face, making you appear older than you feel. Dermal fillers are used to restore this lost volume while rejuvenating and reshaping your face. Used with anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers are also a preventative anti-ageing treatment.

The dermal fillers we use at Cosmos Clinic are a smooth injectable gel composed of a temporary-filler-solution. When this is injected below your skin’s surface, they plump up areas like your lips, fill in wrinkles and add volume to your cheeks. Lasting up to 2 years, dermal fillers give you the opportunity to enhance your appearance, without having surgery.

This treatment is available at Cosmos Clinic’s in SydneyCanberraAdelaideGold Coast & Melbourne.

what brands of dermal filler do you use?

In Australia it’s against the law to state which dermal filler brands we use. Classified as prescription medicine, only doctors can prescribe dermal fillers. This is why you must have a consultation to ensure dermal fillers are appropriate for your face.

At Cosmos Clinic, we use high quality Dermal Fillers. They’re a smooth product, allowing for greater control and natural results. We have five different types of preparations, allowing for effective treatments on different areas of the face. Dermal fillers are composed of a naturally occurring substance in the body that is also soluble. This means that should too many mL’s of dermal fillers are used, or you don’t like the results, they can be dissolved using hyaluronidase and the treatment area can be corrected with ease.

The dermal fillers we use have a built-in local anaesthetic allowing for a quicker, more comfortable treatment with less swelling. At Cosmos Clinic, all medical professional injectors are fully trained and qualified in injecting Dermal Fillers.

male gynecomastia surgery

Remove the excessive fat and glandular tissue in the male chest that causes the "Man Boobs" appearance for men with Gynecomastia or just want to fat gone from the area.

Traditional Liposuction for this area is difficult to perform, and it’s much like trying to break a “brick of fat” into small pieces. Vaser Liposuction on the other hand has made this process more efficient as high energy from the ultrasound separates the fat cells from the fibrous tissue – converting it from the consistency of a “brick” to that of “melted butter”. This technique used during a breast reduction procedure makes it easier for fat cells and male breast tissue to be extracted.

During the procedure, we remove the entire gland depending on the quality of your skin. The gland that is removed will not come back and the fat that is removed will not come back also. Post any Vaser Liposuction procedure, it is harder to put on fat in the areas that have been treated.

Patients are given a light sedation and a small incision is made into the area being treated. Local anaesthesia is used to numb the area around the chest. Once numb, ultrasound energy is transmitted through an ultrasound probe to separate the fat cells from the fibrous tissue.

Downtime is minimal, and patients return home on the same day as their procedure. Recovery is quick and most patients are back at work within 2 – 3 days. The tiny incisions used during this procedure result in minimal scarring. A compression garment is worn after the treatment to help reduce bruising/swelling and improve skin retraction.  This is worn for 3 – 6 weeks post surgery. You will come into our Clinic for post-op lymphatic massages which are performed by our onsite physiotherapist or nurse. This is usually 2 – 4 treatments over two weeks.

brazilian butt lift

A Brazilian Butt Lift uses your own purified fat from unwanted areas to give your bottom a more lifted, larger appearance. The amount of fat used depends on the desired look you're trying to achieve . At Cosmos we classify them into 3 shapes: Sports Illustrated, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian.

Gently removing fat from unwanted areas to create a lifted, perky and shapely behind.

During a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), Liposuction is used to remove your own fat – mainly from the abdomen, thighs or back. The fat is purified, cleaned, and then these healthy fat cells are re-injected into your buttocks. The result is a lifted, perky and shapely behind. The length of this cosmetic procedure will vary depending on the fat grafting process and the amount of fat required to be extracted via liposuction. Both procedures can be performed on the same day.

Recovery generally takes 10-14 days off work. The surgeon generally injects slightly more than what is needed as not all of the fat will be taken in by your body. As a result, your initial reaction may be that your rear end looks swollen or bigger than expected; but this will subside slighting at the final results.

Generally, over 80% of the injected fat cells survive. A Buttock Augmentation/ Lift will require you to wear a compression garment for 3 weeks full time, and then 3 weeks part time. For 2 weeks following the procedure, you will be required to avoid sitting on your bottom (you can sit forward on your thighs) or placing pressure on the area for prolonged periods.

You will need to stay on antibiotics for 10 days after the procedure. You will also be required to attend the clinic for twice weekly post operative massages for the first week. It is also very important to note that post the operation, you will experience some swelling and bruising at the operation site.




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