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LOCATION: Southbank, Victoria, 3006, Australia.

Crown Spa provides a tranquil oasis for those seeking a holistic spa experience for a renewed body, mind, and spirit. Designed to purify inside and out, our revolutionary La Prairie and Subtle Energies spa treatments deliver exceptional results. 

crown spa provides a tranquil oasis for those seeking a holistic spa experience for a renewed body, mind, and spirit. designed to purify inside and out, their revolutionary la prairie and subtle energies spa treatments deliver exceptional results.

Picture this; you arrive at Crown Spa and the soothing sounds and aromatic scent instantly relax you.  Greeted warmly by one of our therapists, they lead you to the Aqua Retreat to prepare for your treatment. The soft waffle gown and slippers and freshly brewed herbal tea warm you from the inside, out. Listening to the gentle flow of water from the nearby spa bath, you detail what you most desire from your treatment. Relief from muscle tension, to reduce stress and anxiety; no matter the concern, your therapist listens to ensure your journey is tailored to meet your needs. Then you’re led to your beautiful treatment room and as you sink into the cloud-like massage bed, your mind and body begin to drift into a blissful state where nothing else matters except this moment.

There are few things in life as deeply relaxing or enjoyable as a massage. Scented aromatherapy oils, hot stones, a scalp massage that leaves you feeling like you are on top of the world. The list goes on.

awaken your mind, body & soul

In partnership with Subtle Energies, Crown Spa has introduced two revolutionary health practices to our menu – Podikizhi (Podi Treatment) and Shirodhara.

Do you often feel overwhelmed? Stressed? Exhausted? Difficulty sleeping? Then Shirodhara is for you. The treatment begins post the Subtle Energies’ Age-Defying Facial Marma Massage, with warm antioxidant oil being gently poured over your forehead. This is commonly referred to in the health and wellness world as the third eye due to its ability to ignite a spiritual awakening. The oil is poured from a copper pot that also has its own health-inducing properties, including better heart and brain health, a more robust immune system, and anti-aging.

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