Elysia Wellness Retreat

LOCATION: Pokolbin, New South Wales, 2320, Australia.

Discover a fresh lease on life and a true balance of mind, body and spirit. Escape the pressures and demands of everyday life while you return to the pleasures of the countryside at Australia’s leading wellness retreat, Elysia.

165, Thompsons Road, Pokolbin, New South Wales, 2320, Australia

discover a fresh lease on life and a true balance of mind, body and spirit.

Retreat from the noise and distraction of your daily life and join us in the wide-open spaces of the NSW Hunter Valley where you’ll find the key to your wellbeing at one of the best wellness retreats in Australia. As leaders in the health and wellness industry, the team at Elysia Wellness Retreat will help you discover a new, transformative way to see life as you balance your mind, body, and spirit on your way to achieving lifelong health and wellness. Our all-inclusive health and wellness programs have been developed to motivate change and give you the tools you need for lasting results. Elysia Wellness Retreat is a place for you to take time to reset your mind and body, and gain a wealth of knowledge to create a healthier, happier, and more motivated you.


your personalised program

We offer carefully tailored experiences to meet a great range of personal situations or goals. Whether you’re in need of peaceful sleep, detox from the hum of work emails and app notifications, life-giving nutrition advice, energising activities and fitness, weight management, or relaxing meditation for refocusing and clarity – Elysia Wellness Retreat will help you create a life-changing journey of wellbeing tailored to your needs.


treat yourself at the day spa

We offer carefully tailored experiences to meet a great range of personal situations or goals. The day spa is a haven of rest and restorative practices and sits in the centre of the property. With a range of treatments, therapies and facilities on offer, the Day Spa and Wellness Centre at Elysia provides an exceptional spa experience. Take time for yourself to experience relaxing treatments, or gain knowledge with our new restorative therapies, all provided at our wellness centre, conveniently located at the retreat, providing easy access for both day visitors and retreat program guests.


conscious design for healing and harmony

The architecture of the retreat was designed with ancient design principles of Feng Shui to help move negative energy out of the space, and allow new space for transformative, positive energy to flow into the property. The Retreat features a metaphorical river, which begins in a small, bullbing spring at the top of Meditation Hill and then runs through the property, underneath the floating platform of the day spa, and then down into the cascading waterfall in the main building. This attention to detail extends to the two paths on either side of Meditation Hill that wind their way through fragrant lavender gardens and out to the peaceful point of contemplation. From above, these lines resemble the symbol of Ying Yang, which represent a balance of masculine and feminine energy.




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