Ikatan Day Spa

LOCATION: Doonan, Queensland, 4562, Australia.

Where time stands still, serenity surrounds you and our paradise is yours to enjoy. We provide you will have a better understanding of what to expect from a relaxing wellness experience

46, Grays Road, Doonan, Queensland, 4562, Australia

where time stands still, serenity surrounds you and our paradise is yours to enjoy.

Ikatan Day Spa is private destination Day Spa where you can come for an hours luxury treatment or a package where we combine treatments to compliment each other, giving you more time to relax as treatments flow seamlessly from one to next with one spa therapist caring for you throughout your package.

Time is the ultimate luxury and it moves at a slower pace when you are at ikatan Spa, surrounded by nature in our private wellness Day Spa. We do things differently to other standard day spas and therefore we recommend you read our policies and information to understand how we create an experience for you, rather than just an appointment at ikatan Spa Noosa.


escape the ordinary

Unlike other day spas, our staff do not have to rush treatments due to time constraints as they are given plenty of time before guests arrive to prepare for treatments and between guests treatments to replace linen, clean, sanitise, re stock and replace products in rooms for the next treatments.

Katrina, ikatan Spa owner is an authority on wellness and passionate about offering what our guests need to improve their wellbeing, it’s the reason she creates uniquely relaxing, wellness focused treatments for our guests.

Your expectations are important to us and by reading the information we provide you will have a better understanding of what to expect from a relaxing, wellness experience at ikatan Spa.


destination experience

Whether you visit for a Day Retreat Package  or an hour’s treatment we encourage spa guests to relax in the gardens before or after spa treatments.  Surrounded by nature sit in the sun or shade, undercover or open air while you listen to birds and during the warmer months you might see the small, native water dragon lizards.

 Enjoy a complimentary pot of tea or a glass of champagne (non-alcoholic option). ikatan also has a boutique wine and local craft been menu if you would like to order more to drink while relaxing in the gardens at ikatan spa.

Privacy for our guests is important to us and unlike most day spas, our guest change in the privacy of their treatment room, rather than having to share a communal change room with strangers. You keep your belongings with you and you don’t need to wear a one-size doesn’t fit all bath robe before or after your treatments.

We reserve the seating in our lounge and gardens for spa guests only. Therefore, we are not be able to provide waiting areas for people not having spa treatments but there are some great cafes close to ikatan Spa.


why a balinese style day spa?

The name, culture and style of ikatan embraces the same concepts as Bali, where life is at a slower pace and staff are given plenty of time to care for guests.

Majority of our body treatments are from traditional Balinese recipes and ikatan massage is based on Balinese style. Katrina, (owner) taught massage in Bali for many years and creates all the unique massage styles at ikatan, which have a focus on relaxation, destressing and wellness and can only be experienced at ikatan spa.

It’s easy to understand why ikatan is know as ‘the destination day spa’ for those who need to de-stress and improve their wellness. Make the most of your experience by arriving at least 15-20 minutes prior to your treatment time to enjoy a welcome drink in the lounge or gardens and start your treatment of time. Just like arriving early to an airport before a flight, to use the business class lounge.


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