The name ishga is derived from the Gaelic word for water. The pure, clean waters of the Hebridean Islands off the northwest coast of Scotland is home to ishga, and where we sustainably hand harvest the seaweed that's at the heart of our skincare range.

discover the power of organic seaweed skincare.

The name ishga is derived from the Gaelic word for water. The pure, clean waters of the Hebridean Islands off the northwest coast of Scotland is home to ishga, and where we sustainably hand harvest the seaweed that's at the heart of our skincare range. Hebridean seaweed contains natural antioxidants with properties that transform and protect the skin. ishga has developed a bespoke process to extract its natural goodness, harnessing an abundance of vitamins and minerals to create a remarkable range of products.

Find the perfect skincare routine for you with our natural skincare formulas, ideal for all skin types.

Our skincare is vegan, and cruelty-free and we never test on animals.


On a faraway isle, near the north west coast of Scotland, we’re using an ancient secret to create award-winning natural skincare, using the life-giving power of the sea to restore the skin and the soul. This paradise is a world of myth and legend, and an age from stress and strain, where clear Hebridean waters cleanse golden sands to wash problems away. ishga is derived from the Gaelic for water. The Hebridean islands speak an ancient language too. The ocean is their heartbeat, a source of infinite abundance with the ability to heal and rejuvenate. Hand-harvested seaweed yields vitamins; minerals; amino acids; anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids, and we combine them with local spring water to harness over 86 vitamins and minerals. Our scientists use a bespoke, natural process to create a truly unique range of organic skincare with the most remarkable anti-aging, hydrating and skin-renewing properties. Light base oils such as sweet almond or jojoba, essential oils like rose geranium or lemongrass, and nourishing moisturisers including cocoa and shea butters, glide blissfully on and balance, nourish, smooth and repair. Across the world, ishga’s luxurious, regenerative, vegan skincare products are transforming more and more people’s skin, to make them look healthier, younger and more radiant.


Everyone will notice the change in yours - trust ishga, it’s our little secret.


ishga spa treatments

ishga Hot Stone Massage

This is a full body massage, which uses heated basalt stones to instantly relax the muscles and allow the treatment to work at a deep level. Hot stones are useful for easing out tension, and reducing aches and pains. The stones are placed along the body’s chakras to open up energy pathways. We use a  signature seaweed base oil with added lemongrass, lavender and juniper to detoxify and regenerate the skin.


ishga Facial

Our rejuvenating facial uses ishga organic face products to revitalise and repair, using the power of Hebridean seaweed. Seaweed is high in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and natural antioxidants – all considered essential for maintaining healthy, youthful skin. We combine its power with natural, healing spring water, aloe vera, macadamia nut oil and cucumber extract.

The ishga facial is suitable for all skin types, and is particularly effective for toning, firming, nourishing, as well as repairing and protecting the skin from environmental damage.


ishga Seaweed Body Wrap

This powerful Hebridean sea salt and oil scrub and body wrap combines the detoxifying and nourishing effect of the purest seaweed gel with the stimulating and hydrating properties of our scrub. This powerful treatment is designed to eliminate toxins, reduce cellulite, boost energy and improve skin tone.


ishga Seaweed Bath

Experience pure relaxation in fresh, hand-harvested seaweed from the Hebridean coast. Unwind in a hot bath, infused with mineral sea salt, containing over 85 natural trace minerals, and pure Scottish seaweed. In Scotland, we have been enjoying the benefits of seaweed for hundreds of years. Naturally healing, moisturising and anti-ageing, it’s rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-cellulite properties. Our Seaweed Bath is an experience we guarantee you will remember forever.


ishga Express Facial

Our ishga Express Facial cleanses, tones and moisturises for essential skin maintenance. It includes an exfoliating mask and scalp massage to complete the experience.


ishga Express Massage

Our Express Massage focuses on the back, neck and shoulders to target areas of tension, release stress and relax the nervous system. ishga Invigorating Organic Body Oil uses the power of Hebridean seaweed to regenerate, firm and nourish your skin, and your therapist can adapt pressure to suit.


ishga Salt and Oil Scrub

The ishga Salt and Oil Scrub treatment gently exfoliates, to sweep away any dull, dry skin. It’s a thoroughly invigorating express treatment, designed to stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins and leave your skin nourished and radiant.


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