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LOCATION: Alfaz del Pi, Comunidad Valenciana, 03581, Spain.

Right on the Mediterranean in the heart of Sierra Helada Natural Park, SHA Wellness Clinic is in one of Europe’s most privileged locations

8, Calle Ruiseñor, Alfaz del Pi, Comunidad Valenciana, 03581, Spain

medical innovation, natural therapies and healthy nutrition to live longer and better

Right on the Mediterranean and in the middle of the Sierra Helada Natural Park, SHA Wellness Clinic Spain is located in one of Europe’s most privileged locations, with a wonderful climate of 330 days of sunshine a year. Large spaces for disconnecting, gardens that merge the building with nature and a marked Mediterranean style. A perfect sanctuary for aligning the body, soul and spirit.


the sha wellness method

Epigenetic changes mean that diet not only has a direct impact on our health, but also on the health of our future children.

Epigenetics studies all elements, such as emotions, stress management, lifestyle habits or the environment in which we live, that are capable of activating or deactivating certain genes without modifying the DNA sequence.

As Vicente Mera, head of the Genomic Medicine and Healthy Ageing Unit at SHA Wellness Clinic, comments, ‘although epigenetics is a very young discipline and we still do not know about many of the factors involved, we do know that diet is one of the most important ones’.

To better understand how diet interacts with our genetic material, Dr Mera gives a practical example: ‘The Japanese have a very healthy diet, but also a very particular one because it has hardly changed over time. That is one of the reasons, and it is no coincidence, that Japan is the country with the highest life expectancy in the world.

To understand how diet changes our genes, we will cite a study of a community of about 5,000 Japanese people who, after the Second World War, stayed in Düsseldorf. Over the years, they adapted to their new environment and changed both their nutritional pattern and their lifestyle. In the German city, given they did not have access to the healthy foods they usually ate in their home country, such as miso soup or daikon, they replaced them with local products. As a result, the second and third generations of these Japanese people were becoming overweight, and their life expectancy had decreased. This being said, some epigenetic changes, positive or negative, are passed on to our offspring’.

SHA was born as a result of the personal experience of someone who, after suffering from health problems for more than thirty years, recovered his quality of life thanks to an adequate diet, a variety of natural therapies and the latest advances in western medicine. The perfect combination for optimealth offered at SHA Wellness Clinics

That’s why we must find a balance, think in the mid and long term, try to go to the market, and cook healthy and, if possible, seasonal food at home. In short, dedicating time to healthy eating is not only a philosophy of life, but also an investment in our health and that of our future children,’ concludes the doctor.


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