The Bathhouse At Ground

Location: Currumbin Valley, Queensland, 4223, Australia.

Bathe under an old fig tree when you visit the outdoor Bathhouse at Ground in Currumbin on the Gold Coast. An experience you won't forget!

Additional Information

the bathhouse is part of the ground at currumbin, an eco-village set amongst remnant rainforest. it sits in front of a lovingly restored 100 year old farmhouse with hot tubs, spas, plunge pools and saunas in a lush outdoor setting under the canopy of a majestic fig tree.

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 7pm choose an hour or more to enjoy at leisure and combing with a wellness treatment from a range of massage and beauty practitioners.

Their sauna carries on the Finnish sauna tradition with a wood burning stove handmade by master blacksmiths and a mighty amount of hot volcanic stone that gives you the ultimate sauna experience.

Other options include a mineral enriched plunge pool, traditional hot spa, hydrotherapy spa baths, and an infrared sauce.

You can also experience the health benefits of ice baths under the expert guidance of their certified Wim Hoff method (WHM) instructor who will guide your breath, technique, cold Exposure and commitment.

Everything they do at The Ground is considerate of the environment and your health.

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