LOCATION: Red Hill, Queensland, 4059, Australia.

Give your mind and body the care it deserves with Vikasati's bathhouse and wellness services.

147, Musgrave Road, Red Hill, Queensland, 4059, Australia

Vikasati offers a holistic approach to wellness, combining a state of the art bathhouse with fitness and wellness services. This all-in-one solution allows you to recharge, grow and become the best version of yourself without the high costs or having to wait for a holiday.

It’s more than just a bathhouse or gym, it’s a wellness centre and a community that helps you function optimally in all aspects of life by balancing both your inner and outer health.


recharge your mind

Let your mind unwind, let go of stress and anxiety, and mentally reset in a blissful setting away from the chaos.

revitalise your body

Accelerate muscle growth and recovery, strengthen your immune system, and feel more energised.

build your tribe

Make meaningful connections, share wellness goals, and find a supportive likeminded community.

more than just a bathhouse

Vikasati isn’t just about sitting in a spa. It’s about moving your body, resetting your mind, achieving optimal health and finding a sense of belonging.

Our purpose is to build a community of healthy, happy, thriving individuals who are able to function optimally in all aspects of life.

By prioritising your health you can be your best in every area of your life — from your family and your work to your contribution and personal passions.


what we offer


Recharge your mind and body with a Finnish rock sauna, ice baths,magnesium spas and more in a relaxing environment.

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infrared sauna

Flush out toxins, accelerate muscle
recovery, improve sleep and enjoy all
the other health benefits of our
Infrared Sauna.

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small group training

Increase your strength, mobility,
coordination and overall fitness with
small group training in our fully-
equipped gym.

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