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V&M Spa products are natural, plant-based hair and beauty products are designed to leave you beautifully nourished and restored. 

natural, plant-based hair and beauty products are designed to leave you beautifully nourished and restored.

We believe clean beauty products are the foundation for creating a healthy body, a healthy mind, and of course a healthier planet.

Shop our range of Australian-made shampoo and conditioner and Australian-made body wash, with native extracts of kunzea oil, Lilly Pilly, and Kakadu Plum extract for glossy shiny luxury hair. Relax and rejuvenate in bath milk with our organic cotton milk bath teabags, with lavender flower and oil from Bridestowe lavender farm Tasmania. Discover our leather toiletry bag for women, made from certified ECO leather in small bathes in Sydney. And don’t forget to shop our refillable shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Proudly Certified Australian Made, Non-Toxic, Made Safe and Cruelty-Free, our products will never be tested on animals.

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restoring hair to its natural beauty

Our process is simple, start with our Balancing Shampoo to remove impurities from the hair. Always wash the hair a second time with our Balancing or Hydrating Shampoo, depending on the hair type. Then follow with our Treatment Conditioner, which must be combed through the hair and rinsed well.

"In 2007, when I started developing our V&M spa Treatment Conditioner, I realised my clients didn't have the time to use 20-minute treatments – these products were bought and left in the bathroom cupboard. So we developed our Treatment Conditioner to be an instant treatment that works to restore the cuticle from sun damage, over styling and colouring the hair."


v&m spa founder

Victoria started hairdressing at an early age and was immediately drawn to formulations and finding solutions for clients who could not grow their hair because it was damaged. Victoria moved away from traditional hairdressing early on to focus on clients privately while creating these formulas. Victoria's philosophy has always been to wash the hair less frequently and correctly, which allows the hair to rebalance and grow with fewer split ends. Victoria believed if you washed the hair less, using specific naturally derived products, the hair was able to rebalance, allowing it to grow with fewer split ends. Which it did, every time. Finding most clients were also not washing their hair correctly at home, either using too much product or not rinsing products out, which made their hair feel dirty faster, resulting in the need to wash their hair more regularly. By doing this, clients were stripping their hair of natural oils, encouraging the oil glands to produce more oil.

Throughout Victoria's career, her big challenge has been finding the right products to help create beautiful hair that shared her philosophies and were clean. Naturally derived became Victoria's mission, and, in the end, she decided the only way to create the perfect range of products was to make them herself. And so she did. Victoria worked with the top biochemists in the industry. They shared her love of naturally derived and organic products and, over fifteen years, created some of the best hair and skin products in the market. And was confirmed by winning the Organic Beauty Awards for hair, bath soak, and body wash two years running.


our suppliers

We are proud to work with suppliers who work directly with small communities and farms around Australia, allowing us to trace all the beautiful ingredients back to the source.

Our Kakadu Plum comes from the Bardi People in Lombadina, a Community on the Dampier Peninsula in the Kimberly Region of Western Australia. Our Lilly Pilly, Green Tea, Olive Leaf and Cranberry come from small local farms. And our Lavender and Kunzea from Bridestowe Estate in Tasmania, who still extract the oils using steam in the old wood steaming room.


beyond hair

Beautiful hair needs beautiful skin to match. After creating the V&M spa hair range of products, it was time to explore products that nurture our precious skin. The V&M spa Lavender Bath Milk and Body Wash were the first in our range, designed to nurture and enhance silky smooth, glowing skin.

And we are busy working on extending our line.

Our products empower you, allowing your hair to rebalance and restore to a natural healthy shine. Each product has the same purposeful philosophy of simplicity, nurturing, and soothing.

We have worked with hundreds of women and men to help create low-maintenance, healthy hair and we look forward to sharing these products with you.


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