Date: 7 March 2023

Celebrating Passionate Women In The Spa And Wellness Industry

Women in the Spa and Wellness Industry

In recognition of International Women’s Day we share below women we admire and appreciate who play key roles in the spa and wellness industry in Australia.

These women are passionate about sharing their skills and knowledge in the Spa and Wellness space so the rest of us can be healthier and stay well as we age. Their skills in consulting, creating, designing, writing, promoting and building wellness businesses benefit us all. Thank you ladies!

Sam Dunn and Kris Abbey at the Spa&Wellness Awards 2022

Sam Dunn and Kris Abbey at the Spa&Wellness Awards 2022

Sam Dunn

Sam is 20+ year veteran of the spa & wellness industry. She was a founding board member of associations in Thailand, Singapore and China, and in 2006 led a team to found the Asia-Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition (APSWC), which united and nurtured associations from 17 countries.

Sam has been awarded three times for industry leadership and now back in Australia she is committed to helping the Australasian spa and wellness industry thrive. This year she has launched ASWELL – a professional association for wellness businesses.

Sam was awarded “Spa Consultant of the Year” at the Spa and Wellness Awards 2022.

Discover more about ASWELL HERE.

Naomi Gregory and Lyndall Mitchell at the Spa&Wellness Awards 2022

Naomi Gregory and Lyndall Mitchell at the Spa&Wellness Awards 2022

Naomi Gregory

Naomi has limitless enthusiasm for the spa and wellness industry in which she’s paved a career for almost three decades. She is a respected Industry professional known for creating meaningful spa experiences in world-class facilities in Australia and abroad in the Middle East, South East Asia and neighbouring New Zealand and Fiji. She is the  Founder & Principle Consultant of Spa Sessions Consulting, established in 2005.

Discover Spa Sessions here.

Lyndall Mitchell

Lyndall is a wellness entrepreneur, qualified and accredited coach and founder of the Aurora Spa Group, Australia’s pioneering, award-winning urban spa group. Over the past 27 years, Lyndall has created a wellness ecosystem for her clients that enable them to realise the benefits of wellness in a way that is unique to them.

As the go-to voice on spas and wellness, Lyndall has a strong, insightful and engaging media presence across channels, including Channel 7, Channel 9 Foxtel and ABC.

Discover more about Lyndall and Aurora HERE.

Alice Hansen - founder of the Wild Wellness Method

Alice Hansen – founder of the Wild Wellness Method

Alice Hansen

Alice has cultivated relationships spanning 20 years with experts across the wellness field to deliver the Wild Wellness Method. On her own journey to seek answers, she has connected with medical experts, international thought leaders and tapped into decades of experience to formulate the WWM blueprint.

Wild Wellness Method is an Australian first – a merging of wellness professionals, decades of experience and global thought leaders – delivered through retreats, walks and online courses. It’s the latest antidote to modern day stress – a wholesome script to wellness.

Alice was awarded “Ambassador for Change” at the Spa and Wellness Awards 2022.

Discover more about Alice and the WWM HERE.

Farida Irani sharing her wisdom at the Spa&Wellness Awards 2022

Farida Irani

Farida founded the Subtle Energies brand in 1993 in Sydney, Australia as a clinic of natural therapies which is still operated by Farida and her daughter Khursheed.

Farida has qualifications in clinical aromatherapy, aromatic medicine, Bowen therapy, and many other modalities in the complementary world. It was her post graduate Ayurveda studies with world renowned Ayurveda guru, Prof Dr PH Kulkarni and her many visits to India in the early 90s which resulted in her researching unique oils and using skills obtained from artisan distillers across India to formulate her Ayurveda Aromatherapy range of products.

Subtle Energies is one of the first companies to work with these rare aromatic oils on a clinical level in the early 90s, with a high reputation amongst the complementary medicine, spa and wellness worlds, of sourcing the finest active ingredients and delivering powerful treatment programs. Their products are used in Hotel Spas and Retreats worldwide.

Discover more about Subtle Energies HERE.

Dr. Jean Laing & Kristen Elise at the Spa&Wellness Awards 2022

Dr. Jean Laing & Kristen Elise from La Gaia at the Spa&Wellness Awards 2022

Dr. Jean Laing

Dr. Jean deserves her status as a leading voice in global holistic health, wellness and skin care with over 30 years of health care and scientific practice to her name.

Dr. Jean spanned continents and decades to understand what constitutes luxury and skincare performance in the modern world for 21st century consumers.  She combined her medical experience and industry knowledge with a determination to pioneer skin protection and rejuvenation techniques for her patients and her skincare loyalists globally founding La Gaia.

Kristen Elise

Kristen is the daughter of Dr. Jean Laing. She was born into LaGaia. With years of industry experience, a degree in Communications & PR and currently studying a degree in Health Sciences and Dermal Aesthetics, when she officially joined LaGaia, this mother and daughter team launched the concept of Unedited Beauty, where women radiate au naturalle for a glamorous & edgy take-over.

La Gaia is a pH balanced, scientifically-formulated skincare range which delivers potent vitamins, botanical extracts and gems from Nature to provide unsurpassed results.

Discover La Gaia Unedited HERE.

Megan Larsen - founder of Sodashi

Megan Larsen – founder of Sodashi

Megan Larsen

Megan Larsen is an Author and Clean Beauty Pioneer. With a unique knowledge of aromatherapy, biochemistry and Ayurveda, and a passion for clean living, wellness, beauty and the environment..

Since starting Sodashi in 1999, Megan has seen a huge upsurge in so-called natural skin care, and she has never compromised, believing that even the tiniest amount of synthetic chemicals can be harmful.

This holistic approach melds perfectly with Spa; not a quick over-the-counter purchase, but a truly holistic appraisal and solution to an individual’s needs.

Today, Sodashi is known for its uniquely ethical approach to doing business, training every single therapist that employs its skin care and supplying the world’s most exclusive spas in over 30 countries worldwide.

Discover Sodashi HERE.

Kath Merlo & Kristy Morris - Founders of KAILO.

Kristy Morris & Kath Merlo – Founders of KAILO.

Kath Merlo &  Kristy Morris

Kath & Kristy are the Founders of KAILO, a luxury wellness brand based in Brisbane, Australia.

KAILO began with the opening of its award winning flagship Medispa in Brisbane’s iconic Calile Hotel and has since expanded to include luxury wellness products and events, positioning the brand as Australia’s leading elevated luxury wellness brand. Since opening in 2018, KAILO has set a new benchmark for world-class beauty, health and wellness treatments with a team of more than 40 therapists, practitioners and doctors. The brand is a pioneer in the provision of bespoke health and wellness services to its discerning clients and these women are leading the way when it comes new ways to manage health and stay well.

Kristy & Kath were awarded “Spa Stars” at the Spa and Wellness Awards 2022.

Discover Kailo HERE.

Michelle Reeve - founder of WaterLily Skin Body Spa

Michelle Reeve – founder of WaterLily Skin Body Spa.

Michelle Reeve

Michelle is a aromatherapist with a background in remedial massage, nutrition and Chinese medicine. She has a passion and commitment to natural medicine, and after years of extensive research and development she formulated and founded her skincare range Waterlily in 2004.

Each Waterlily product is hand crafted in our botanical laboratory in Brisbane embracing the principles of fresh batched beauty.  The heritage of slow skincare ensures that ingredients are nurtured from paddock to finished product to maintain the intensity and activity of each vital nutrient. Clean, green, transdermal and intensive to deliver visible results.

Today, the brand includes the Waterlily, Spaceuticals and Aroma Therapy Collections sold worldwide and stocked in leading day spas in Australia and New Zealand, and Michelle is a wellness industry thought leader, writer and guest contributor in the spa and wellness industry.

Discover the Waterlily ranges HERE.

Naomi Whitfield and Kris Abbey at the Spa&Wellness Awards 2022

Naomi Whitfield and Kris Abbey at the Spa&Wellness Awards 2022

Naomi Whitfield

Born from the journey of healing a stressed skin condition, Naomi & her husband Paul founded iKOU – iKOU (ik-oo) Is a Japanese verb, meaning to rest, to relax, to restore.

Their quest for wellness led to a passion for combining innovative, botanical skincare with conscious home spa rituals to treat skin, mind and body as a whole. From humble beginnings making products in their Blue Mountains kitchen, iKOU has flourished to become the international brand it is today.

Naomi was awarded “Wellness Warrior of the Year” at the Spa and Wellness Awards 2022. 

Learn all about iKou HERE.

Want to nominate an amazing women in the Spa & Wellness Awards 2023? Nominate HERE.


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