Date: 16 October 2023

Recoup & Recharge In Beautiful Bali

Recoup & Recharge in Beautiful Bali

Considering Bali as your next wellness destination? The natural beauty of Bali and the culture of its people fosters the perfect environment to focus on your wellbeing. If you prefer not to stick with structured routines and you lean towards boutique experiences, then these two eco-luxe wellness resorts should be top of your list. Offering tranquility and rejuvenation in beautiful surrounds, you can can choose how you want to nourish your mind, body and soul. Alison Morgan shares her recent experience at these two unique Balinese destinations.

The Asa Maia is an eco- wellness retreat in Uluwatu, Bali.

The Asa Maia: A Sanctuary for Conscious and Mindful Travellers

The Asa Maia is an eco-friendly luxury retreat nestled in Uluwatu, Bali. During my recent stay, the beautiful villas, surroundings and wellness activities made the entire stay at this Uluwatu retreat one of the most memorable travel experiences I’ve had – nurturing my body, mind and soul. When you visit The Asa Maia your stay comes without pressure, without judgement and without pretence.


The Uluwatu region is known for its captivating beauty, attracting tourists worldwide seeking a respite from the bustling world. Just back from the picturesque beaches and awe-inspiring clifftops sits The Asa Maia, a wellness retreat designed for the conscious and mindful, awaits travellers seeking peace and serenity. This adults-only retreat is a luxurious boutique stay dedicated to providing an experience of peace and calmness. Every detail, from the curated Indonesian art to the vegan and pescatarian cuisine exudes a sense of serenity that immediately welcomes guests in a space of tranquillity.

The Asa Maia takes its commitment to cultural preservation and environmental responsibility seriously. They support community-run initiatives, minimise plastic usage, and have incorporated reclaimed materials in its structure. Embracing the beauty of nature, promoting wellness and mindfulness, and fostering a sustainable environment, this haven of tranquillity offers a profound experience which nourishes you from within. Whether you are on a quest for spiritual awakening or simply wanting a rejuvenating getaway, The Asa Maia is an unforgettable destination which will leave a lasting impact on your mind and overall well-being.

The Asa Maia is an eco- wellness retreat in Uluwatu, Bali.


The Asa Maia harmoniously blends with its natural surroundings, creating a sanctuary where guests can reconnect with themselves and nature. Wooden walkways meander through lush palm-edged jungle greenery, lead to beautifully restored century-old Javanese gladaks. Each gladak is generously spacious and offers an intimate and private space for relaxation and rejuvenation, allowing guests to unwind in the lap of nature. There are just 10 gladaks which I would say is definitely part of the charm. The finer attention to detail leaves a warm and lasting effect. From the bamboo toothbrushes, natural toothpaste, earplugs, eye masks, complementary snacks and fresh juices in the fridge; the villas are spacious and incredibly impressive. I have never stayed in a villa or any type of accommodation like this. It truly is incredible.


At The Asa Maia, food is a form of nourishment for the body and heart. The culinary offerings are primarily vegan and pescatarian, crafted with love and care using organic ingredients to promote concentration, energy levels, sleep, and balanced blood sugar. The meals are served at a long communal table beside the pool, making it the perfect location to meet people and have interesting conversations. The menu is extensive, so there is something for everyone. Each meal I ordered was an absolute sensory delight. You cannot go wrong when selecting your choice from the menu. The flavours, textures and variety are superb.

Enjoy yoga by the poll at The Asa Maia in Bali.


The core philosophy of The Asa Maia revolves around wellness and mindfulness. The retreat has an impressive yoga and meditation Shala, beautiful day spa, a Himalayan-salt infrared sauna, and subterranean hydrotherapy pools. The diverse array of activities, including yoga, pilates, breathwork and meditation classes, allows guests to nurture their physical and mental well-being. Guests can embark on a comprehensive wellness journey by choosing from a range of curated packages.

For those seeking a more personalised experience, additional spa, movement, or mindfulness sessions can be added to the program. It’s not imperative that you sign up to a package. You can simply come to stay and decide what to do when you’re there. There are twice daily yoga classes, breathwork sessions, Himalayan salt infrared sauna and 24hr gym access are all available.

My 1:1 breathwork session was an absolute standout experience for me. It exceeded my expectations. After the breathwork session, I then proceeded to take a cold plunge for 2 minutes with the guidance of Sy, the Breathwork instructor. I cannot rave about this enough – give it a go!

The Asa Maia is an eco- wellness retreat in Uluwatu, Bali.


The comprehensive Balinese Spa Menu offers a full range of therapies including massages, facials, body wraps, polishes and masks. Indonesian natural skincare is used for these treatments. I enjoyed a full body Signature Massage for 90 minutes. I left the treatment in a state of bliss with my shoulders and neck having extra attention during my treatment. The next day, I could really feel the effects of the massage. I would go so far to say that it’s one of the best I have received – and that says a lot. There is also a salon with vegan toxic-free nail polish. Simply book in via reception and enjoy your treatment. I didn’t try this during my stay, but I would say that it would be pretty amazing…judging on the other experiences I enjoyed during my stay.


Just a short walk away from the retreat, Thomas Beach stands out as a beach to visit on the local shoreline, lined with rustic beach-bar shacks that add to its charm. Among the other captivating beaches are Padang Padang, Suluban, Bingin, Dreamland, Tegal Wangi, and Balangan. The Uluwatu Temple is a magnificent Hindu sea temple with an incredible view which are nothing short of breath-taking. I particularly enjoyed watching the sunsets from Single Finn Beach Bar – arrive at around 5pm so you can get yourself a seat.

Solana Luxury Wellness Retreat: A Place for Transformation

Solana Luxury Wellness Retreat, just 6 kilometres from Ubud is a real treat when it comes to finding inner balance and zen. I recently stayed at Solana for 4 nights – spending 2 nights in a Bamboo Earth Bungalow and 2 nights in a waterfall villa (also known as a cliff villa). Both styles of accommodation were fabulous, making this the ideal place to come and unwind. Whether you’re choosing to become more active in life, need to reset or simply looking to take a break from reality, Solana Bali is a fabulous place to check-out, check-in and relax in a beautiful serene setting.

Solana Luxury Wellness Retreat beckons those who seek to reconnect with nature, realign their inner selves, and embark on a journey of transformation. Whether you are a solo traveller yearning for solitude, a couple seeking connection, or eager to reset and recharge, Solana welcomes all. Solana Wellness Retreat effortlessly harmonises comfort with its natural surroundings, offering multiple areas throughout the property where you can unwind and immerse yourself in the serenity of the environment.

Over my 4 night stay, I relished every facet of Solana’s offerings; particularly the opportunity to slow down, which is a sharp contrast from my bustling life managing 2 businesses in Sydney. This was my time to recalibrate, rejuvenate, and reconnect with my body, mind, and soul. The bamboo living areas beside the natural water pool became my haven, a space where I could relax and let my thoughts flow and emotions ground amidst a tranquil backdrop. Here, relaxation comes naturally, allowing you to effortlessly tap into a pure state of repose. Whether it’s the natural water pool, the meandering river, the serene lotus ponds, or the yoga shala, Solana’s design promotes healing and transformation. Surrounding gardens, stepping stones and beautiful landscapes, enhance the sensory experience, deepening your connection to the Earth’s energy.


At Solana, a commitment to sustainability and luxury intertwines seamlessly, evident in their remarkable accommodation. With just 10 rooms, you are assured a calm and relaxing stay to enjoy at your own pace. The Bamboo Earth Bungalows are cocooned by lush foliage, tranquil ponds, and verdant plants; the 3 elements forming an intimate and peaceful ambience. The outdoor bathroom has a huge bath and plenty of space. It truly is beautiful. Inside the Bungalow is also a desk, long couch, coffee table and large bed with a mosquito canopy. It is a beautifully designed room which overlooks the gardens and the yoga
shala area.

Alternatively, opt for a waterfall room (also known as a cliff room). These rooms are slightly larger in size and overlook the waterfall. It also sounds beautiful from your room too. There is an oversized balcony which has a beautiful outdoor bathtub and outdoor seating. I had an incredible private flower bath on the balcony – what a fabulous experience. One I will remember forever.

Regardless of your accommodation preference, both types are stylishly furnished to suit the natural surrounds; catering to solo travellers, couples, and those sharing twin arrangements. Eco-conscious amenities, such as biodegradable organic toiletries, hairdryers, plush bathrobes, and fluffy towels ensure that your stay is not only luxurious but also environmentally considerate. As a guest, you will receive an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush which you can take home, a small gesture that echoes Solana’s commitment to sustainable living.

The beds are incredibly comfortable and have beautiful mosquito nets which makes the room feel even more luxurious. There’s also plenty of room to put your clothes away, so you’re not living out of a suitcase – this is always super important for me. Each room has its own wifi – plus there is wifi in the eating area / pool area too.


Solana Luxury Wellness Retreat takes culinary artistry to new heights, catering to dietary preferences with finesse. Their restaurant boasts an incredible à la carte menu, featuring healthy and flavoursome options ranging from vegan and gluten-free to vegetarian, and dairy-free. Each dish is full of vibrant flavours that tantalise the taste buds and nurture the soul. You cannot go wrong with any dish. The breakfasts are incredible too!

Enjoy yoga by the pool at Solana Luxury Wellness Retreat


Daily yoga is at 7am in the outdoor yoga shala overlooking the natural water pool and I would say is the most beautiful place to practise yoga I have ever come across in my life. Now that is saying something…! You only need to take a quick look at the photos to realise there is something truly magical about this space which has been created. Yoga classes are for all levels, so if you’ve never done yoga before this is not a
barrier. The yoga teacher is fabulous and will adapt the movements to suit those attending yoga. The class is always small as there are just 10 rooms of accommodation, and not everyone attends yoga each day.


The activities I enjoyed on my visit included an in-room massage, in-room acupuncture, flower bath and a holy water ceremony. They were all fabulous and helped me unwind, relax and also enjoy the culture. A good idea is to select your activities when you first arrive so that you can book them in and then decide what else you’d like to do in your free time. That may be simply relaxing beside the pool or in your room.

Solana is also located quite close to central Ubud – so it’s very easy to call a driver or get on a scooter and do some exploring. I particularly loved doing some sightseeing activities during my stay, and then when I was finished, coming back to the serenity of what Solana has to offer just made it such a sweet day. I also think it’s good not to over-pack your days. Part of the charm of staying at Solana is absorbing the calm grounding energy which lingers in the air.


Solana hosts immersive retreats several times a year, each designed to recalibrate your health, nurture relationships, enhance fitness, and alleviate stress. As I reflect on my time at Solana, I’m certain that the hosted retreats would offer a remarkable ability to allow transformations to take place. A hosted retreat wasn’t being run during my stay, however from my visit and the benefits I gained from this incredible stay, I know that those attending a guided retreat would have a journey that would lead to a profound renewal and empowerment.

For those eager to attend a retreat at Solana, explore the details of upcoming dates and details by registering your interest through Solana’s website. This will allow you to receive notifications so you can be kept informed about these life-altering opportunities.


Positioned near Ubud’s captivating landmarks, Solana Bali serves as a perfect launchpad for exploration. You’ll find yourself within arm’s reach of the enchanting Tegenungan Waterfall, the historic
Ubud Palace, the Blanco Museum, and the revered Saraswati Temple. The centre of Ubud is just 6 kilometres away. You’ll need to have a driver pick you up. This is easily organised and the lovely staff at Solana can help you with this. I personally organised a scooter as I found this fun, however the choice is yours and very easily arranged.


The Asa Maia
Jalan Pantai Padang – Padang
Banjar Dinas Suluban, Uluwatu
80361 Indonesia

Solana Luxury Wellness Retreat
Jl. Raya Silakarang Singapadu Kaler No.BR, Singapadu Kaler, Kec. Sukawati, Kabupaten
Gianyar, Bali 80582, Indonesia

Reviewed by Alison Morgan

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