Date: 24 January 2023

2023 Health Trends To Watch

Water Running

The start of the year is a great time to re-jig our health and wellness goals and change up our routines. After all, while we want results, health and fitness is part of our lifestyle and therefore it should be enjoyable.

As always, there will be some fresh new ideas in the industry that may be worth trying, especially at the start of the year when people are motivated. Here are the top trends to watch for 2023.

1. Lower impact workouts

Flow Athletic was one of the first gyms in Sydney who got rid of their HIIT workout classes shortly after gyms opened up again.

“People have gone though a lot over the past few years” said founder Ben Lucas. “They don’t need to be getting smashed in the gym when really all they want is to be nurtured and cared for”

“We have seen a big rise in clients taking up yin classes over HIIT classes so we decided to get ahead of the wellness curve and we turned out HIIT room into a new Pilates reformer studio.

2. Water running

Speaking of lower impact workouts, for those who love running, but their joints don’t, a fun new water running workout is set to trend in 2023.

Fluid Running has revolutionized exercise in the water by offering a variety of motivating, on-demand audio workouts.

The concept was created by marathon runner Jennifer Conroyd as an alternative to land-based running after she sustained an injury. The workout is a full body cardiovascular workout that combines moderate aerobic running sets with high-intensity intervals and sprints along with several other movements to challenge different muscle groups. As long as you have 5 feet of water, you can do the workout.

3. Heart Rate specific training 

Using a heart rate monitor to track your cardio workouts has been popular for a number years, however fitness brands such as BFT have decided to take things a step further by creating their own bespoke heart rate technology that is specific to every program style and every progression too.

For example, in a strength session your heart rate prescription will be lower compared to a cardio session, therefore the technology will only reward you for achieving the prescribed target within the specific program.

There are many misconceptions in the fitness industry that you always need to be sweating bullets after every class, however following a science based program that changes up your training will provide a balanced workout across all 3 energy systems, minimising your chance of burnout.

4. Connected Fitness

First there was Peloton, then Tonal, Mirror and now Vitruvian. There is no doubt that connected fitness is one of the hottest trends to enter the fitness market. The industry was estimated to be worth $1.1 billion in early 2021, and it has continued to rise ever since.

Vitruvian is a high-tech resistance training product that is used by the likes of Rita Ora and international supermodel Raf Miller. One of the smartest products on the market, the machine brings the gym weight room to your home. Packed in a slim, carbon fibre platform that can slide under a bed, it delivers up to 200kg of digital weight and utilises artificial intelligence to adjust the weight to individual users in real-time, loading and deloading the optimal resistance up to 1000 times per second.

The app gives users access to 200+ exercises, classes curated by elite fitness couches, goal-oriented programs, data tracking and performance insights.

5. Measuring your results through your phone

We are blessed to have access to so much data and technology these days which is a great thing as it makes tracking your progress easier than ever.

One great piece of tech which is now available on iPhone, is 3D body scanning technology. mPort are the leaders in the field and they have a new state-of-the-art app that tracks everything you need to stay on top of your health and fitness. Their revolutionary Bodymapp feature uses infrared technology that creates an avatar of you to take all your measurements and that is what is recorded into the system instead of a photo. After each scan, the app will show you a comparison with your avatar from the scan before. It is a great way to see if what you are doing is working if you have a body composition or weight loss goal.

6. Ice Baths

While ice baths used to be something reserved for elite athletes, they have made it to the mainstream with more people prioritising their recovery practises for both their body and their mind.

“While it does require some resolve to actually jump into the ice bath, cold water therapy can help to reward the individual with a more restful sleep, increased energy, it can unclutter your headspace, speed up the recovery of your muscles after a workout and even improve your mood” says Ben Seymour, co-owner of Recovery Lab. 

recent study that looked at improved mood following a single cold water therapy found that the group who did the dip showed a decrease in feelings of anger, depression, tension and fatigue compared to both their state pre- therapy and compared to the control group. The cold-water therapy group also showed an increase in energy after the dip compared to before and compared to the control group.

7. The no-diet diet

Many media outlets and social media platforms these days have been increasing awareness of issues from gut health issues, IBS, bloating, yo-yo weight gain, PCOS you name it. Why? Because so many people suffer from something and a lot of it can come to your diet.

Bec Miller is one nutritionist who champions a diet that helps women with fluctuating weight, gut issues, PCOC but without the hunger. Bec herself used to struggle with all of the above and found that nothing worked, in fact it made her IBS worse and led to her yo-yo dieting due to the hunger. She has created the program that champions healthy, sustainable eating and has helped thousands of women achieve their goals in the process. 2023 may be a year about maintaining our health, but it won’t be a year of hunger.

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