Date: 7 February 2021

Bow To The Bowel


Our diet has become more processed, life more stressful and we have this self-imposed feeling of guilt when we allow our selves to rest. To think this doesn’t have any impact on our health, is well, not really thinking!

Poor diet, lack of sleep and stress has a huge impact on our health and it is all negative! It is no surprise that lifestyle-related illnesses are increasing, in particular illnesses affecting our gut and colon.

As a long-time sufferer of Irritable Bowel Sydrome (IBS), which was diagnosed when I was 13, for the most part I have learned to live with it. I manage my lifestyle accordingly and really consider what I eat. However, when stress flares, so does my bowel. Or if I’ve been busy and not eaten well, my bowel lets me know.

About one in five Australian’s suffer IBS symptoms, and chronic conditions such as Crohns and Colitis are on the rise. While this isn’t all good news, the great thing is, there are a lot of good treatments and therapists who can help.

I had the good fortune of meeting and being treated by Majella Brennan at her high-tech Inner Wellbeing Clinic in Sydney. She is the Google equivalent, with trust, of all things gut and bowel related. Her knowledge comes from both her own experience and years and years of learning and treating people with similar conditions.

“20 years ago I was not a content mother of two, I was not a proud business owner, and I definitely was not leading a happy or healthy life. Instead, 22 years ago I was spending majority of my year in hospital being treated for a variety of issues related to bowel health, which ultimately resulted in me losing 95 percent of my large bowel at the age of 20.

“I know all too well how debilitating bowel problems can be. Even after my surgery again I continued to suffer with bowel problems, which led to other various health issues including hormone imbalance, skin problems, bloating, fluid retention, emotional pain, anxiety, and frustration, which left me feeling constantly hopeless.

“The turning point for me was when I failed a variety of nerve to muscle connection medical tests, and my only medical option to fix the issues was more surgery, which included receiving a colostomy bag.

“I tried every possible treatment known to deal with gut and bowel health, but it wasn’t until I discovered the Brunelle Method of Colon Hydrotherapy that I finally felt hopeful that my life could change for the better. After only six months of treatment I ended up with no colostomy bag, I was finally hospital-free, I was no longer on morphine drugs, I had no more blockages or pains, my muscle /nerve connection was restored, and I was able to carry two beautiful healthy children which I was told would not happen.

“I am not being dramatic when I say that colon hydrotherapy changed my life,”says Majella.

According to Majella, her astonishing results were the driving force for her to train and study Colon Therapy, and open her own practice. She believes anyone struggling with their health should seek out a colon hydrotherapy treatment.


So, what is colonic hydrotherapy?

For the uninitiated, a colonic is essentially a way to hydrate and irrigate your colon by filling it with warm water and then flushing it out repeatedly. Like cleanses, the efficacy (and safety) of colonics is often debated. Those for, argue that it’s crucial for moving things along, particularly when our systems are over-taxed thanks to aforementioned factors of today’s world. While those apposed, say the colon is perfectly capable of cleansing itself on the regular. No pun intended. That said, many of us do get blocked up, suffer lazy bowels or have hormone imbalances that impact our movements. In and ideal world, our body would work like a perfectly engineered Swiss-made clock. Our world is not ideal, and many bowels are backed up, bellies bloated and guts gassy at this very moment.

Majella uses a special colonic technique called the Brunelle Method. This method of colonic irrigation is a gravity fed, closed system which has unique features as it works on the principle of only a small amount of water being inserted into the colon and then pulsated (This stimulates the natural peristaltic action of the bowel) to defecate naturally. So NO pressure is used.

The Brunelle Method utilises a pulsing action, which works as an internal massage for the colon. Majella can also use this pulsing action to massage specific reflex points of the bowel which correspond to specific organs. This helps the organs perform better.  And the water that is gently flushing your bowel contains medical oxygen. This helps to reduce inflammation of the colon.

The Brunelle Method stimulates the colon to reshape and strengthen, a bit like a gym workout, making it more efficient in the long run.

Remind Me What Our Colon Does?

The colon is the last segment of our digestive tract. It’s where the final bit of nutrients and water from the food we eat are absorbed into our circulation. It’s also where waste from our blood stream and circulation are dumped so it is eliminated with the feces.

The colon also houses most of the intestinal flora, the trillions of bacteria that we now understand are so important to our healthy functioning as an organism. The intestinal flora helps with detoxification, digestion, regulating the immune system, and many more functions.

Our colon is a vital organ that needs to be looked after. And possibly where colonics have received criticism in the past is from the fast and furious procedures that are more about a quick cleanse and vanity metrics, than an effective treatment!

Majella allows 2 hours for her procedures. And while she is cleaning and hydrating her clients colon, she also to educates, suggests lifestyle and nutrition changes, all while supporting her client during the treatment. A lot of information about you comes from your poo!

What are the benefits?

According to Majella, there are a number of key benefits to a colon hydrotherapy, which include:

  • Detoxing and cleansing the body.
  • Assisting with weight loss.
  • Reducing bloating and built-up gas.
  • Improving the immune system.
  • Increasing energy, and overall feeling of lightness.
  • Better overall nutrient absorption.

How many sessions do you need?

The number of sessions someone will need of colon hydrotherapy will always vary, depending on their goals, their current lifestyle and their intestinal state.

“Over my 20 years of industry experience I have seen positive changes with every treatment. In order to experience the all round positive health changes in the body, I would recommend doing four treatments preferably one week apart,” says Majella.

“I have huge life experiences of dealing with bowel complications, so I take my time with every client so that they can receive the same life changing results I have.”

Magic Majella

Majella Brennan founded Inner Wellbeing in January 2020 in Dee Why, Sydney. The company was created on the foundation that inner health should be approached with the latest treatments and best sourced products that enhance true health from the inside out. As a company, Inner Wellbeing offers tailor-made treatment plans that are all natural, gentle and non-invasive. Their aim is to create a personalised treatment plan that works best for each customer’s individual needs.

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