Date: 29 March 2023

Root Cause Healing Using Medical And Spiritual Intuition

Root Cause Healing Using Medical and Spiritual Intuition

When I tell people that I’m a medical and spiritual intuitive, most people nod their heads politely, but have no idea what I do. For the past 30+ years, I have been identifying peoples’ (or animals’) physical, emotional, and spiritual issues as well as their strengths, helping them heal and live healthy, happy lives. People have described my readings as “a year of therapy in an hour”. Lyme Disease, mental illness, mold toxicity, chronic pain, autoimmune disease, cancer, intolerances, skin conditions, autism, thyroid disorders, and trauma are only a few of the thousands of issues I have helped people with. Not everyone who contacts me for a reading needs physical healing. Some clients want to know more about their careers and life path, improving relationships, connecting to intuition, and developing spiritual gifts or general nutrition and wellness. As a bonus, I’m also a Licensed Professional Counselor.


I work in a unique way. Knowing only a client’s name and age, before even seeing a photograph, I begin the reading by creating an individualised, detailed report and symbolic watercolor energy painting. This painting is filled with detailed information about nearly every aspect of their life including relationships, families, childhood, traumas, life purpose and more. Since I am also a medium, I often receive information for the client from loved ones who have passed. I send the report and painting before our meeting, during which I receive additional helpful information from my guides. The client and I discuss an individualised plan addressing all the physical, emotional, and spiritual root causes of their issues. Sometimes the plan involves online therapy also. I have a small, trusted group of licensed medical practitioners I often refer people to for confirmation of my findings, testing and specific treatment, since I am legally and ethically unable to diagnose physical issues.

My abilities and accuracy have been verified by licensed medical professionals, celebrities, and many media outlets. I am often asked how I became a medical intuitive and how I can be so accurate? I wish I could explain exactly how I receive the information, but I don’t understand it myself!

I ask my guides for information that my client needs to improve their lives. I immediately start seeing and hearing words, colors, and symbols in my head, seeing pictures and scenes, and I sometimes physically feeling symptoms.

Root Cause Healing Using Medical and Spiritual Intuition Painting


One of my favorite parts of working with people is helping them connect with their intuition and their bodies. We are all intuitive and all have medical intuitive abilities. Connecting with intuition is essential for helping us to feel safe, to discover and be our most authentic self, to find self-love and to learn to set healthy boundaries. I never want anyone to substitute my intuition for their own.

I have been able to communicate with people who have passed and to know what others were thinking and feeling, for as long as I can remember. At first it was fascinating to me, but around the age of ten, I became afraid of the negative, often evil energy I picked up and pushed my abilities away. I would later learn that the evil energy I was feeling was not from the old house I lived in as I thought, but from members of my dysfunctional family!

My empathic abilities were honed as a survival skill while growing up and being bullied because I went through puberty earlier than most of the other girls my age.

Root Cause Healing Using Medical and Spiritual Intuition


My personal healing journey began at the age of 16, when a powerful life force prompted me to contact a family doctor and ask for the name of a therapist who could help me with severe bulimia and depression. I didn’t tell anyone, including my parents. I even paid for it myself. I knew that I had two choices: end my life because I couldn’t take how horrible I felt every day or get help. I believe divine intervention caused me to choose the latter. I’ve been healed for over 30 years.

The eating disorder and resulting aftermath was one of the most valuable experiences of my life and I am extremely grateful. During therapy, I learned how to connect to my intuition, accept and embrace my spiritual gifts, and develop self-love and self-acceptance. Even as a teenager, I recognised that I would use my own experiences to help others. My first book, Heal from Within: A Guidebook to Intuitive Wellness (St. Martin’s Press), was published in February 2022. It is a step-by-step guide to health and healing, body, mind and soul, using techniques my guides and I have developed throughout my own healing and career. It teaches you how to do your own physical, emotional, and spiritual reading on yourself and gives you specific health and wellness information, tools and activities.

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