Date: 4 October 2022

How Enemas Can Help Cleanse Your Gut

Happy Bum Co offer Gut Cleanses Enemas for home

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Have you had an enema? Wondering how they work? Well now you can cleanse your gut in the comfort of your own home which offers so many health benefits.


For those who aren’t familiar with enemas, they are a way to help detoxify and cleanse the colon and with at-home enema kits now being more accessible, more and more people are reaping the endless benefits. Below Kyah Seary, Colon Hydrotherapist & Founder of Happy Bum Co, explains how they can help spring clean your gut.

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How do enemas work?

To begin, an enema will provide instant constipation relief which can be really uncomfortable. When your colon is compacted, your pants get hard to button up, you feel bloated,  lethargic and heavy. Even if you go once a day, many people find they still don’t feel empty and cleansed after their bowel movements, so a DIY enema at home can help remove excess waste that’s sitting in your colon and make you feel so much better! Enema kits are a much safer and non-toxic alternative to chemical laxatives and do not create any additional inflammation or reliance on the bowel.

What are the benefits of enemas?

By doing enemas from home, you are able to tackle inflammation at the source. Anti-Inflammatory enemas use Turmeric and other natural strong anti-inflammatory ingredients to calm, soothe and reduce inflammation at the source, making them great for anyone that suffers from joint pain, back pain, fibromyalgia, auto-immune disease, ulcerative colitis, colitis or a chronic disease that is linked to inflammation.

One of our favourite benefits from doing enemas is the instant stress relief they provide. Coffee enemas and stress relieving enemas can activate your parasympathetic nervous system in minutes, bringing your body down out of its heightened state or fight or flight mode. This can provide instant stress relief, reduce feelings of anxiety and help relax you fast! In times of panic, or if you find it hard to sleep with a busy brain, do a quick enema before bed for reduced stress levels. Coffee enemas have been found to boost energy, boost immune function and assist with mental illness dating back to the 1930’s when Dr. Max Gerson began using Coffee Enemas as part of the Gerson Therapy, treating degenerative diseases such as skin tuberculosis, diabetes, and most notably, cancer (Son, H., Song, H. J., Seo, H. J., Lee, H., Choi, S. M., & Lee, S.(2020)

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Myths surrounding enemas

Enemas cause bowel laziness

Quite the opposite! Doing an enema is like a workout for your colon. By stimulating the colon to move and removing excess compaction that is blocking the way, enemas allow for better movement of waste through the passageway. Regular enemas can also help the body create more regular bowel movement patterns.


Enemas will cause bowel perforation

The pressure from your gravity fed enema is far too low to cause any sort of bowel perforation. Although each person is slightly different, the pressure from most enemas remains below 0.5 PSI (which when the water goes in just feels like you need to have a bowel movement). Colonoscopies inflate your colon with gas up to 4 times that, which is deemed medically safe while you are under general anesthesia. If your colon can withstand a colonoscopy, it can tolerate a bit of gentle water coming through from a gravity feed. The soft silicone tip inserted sits only about two inches inside the rectum and never actually gets in far enough to touch the colon walls.


Enemas remove all of your good bacteria

Your bowel requires both good and bad bacteria to move and thrive. When you have a bowel movement, both are released. When you do an enema, both good and bad bacteria will come out as well. A clean colon will cultivate a better environment for healthy bacteria to grow and thrive, so an enema can help remove toxins and waste buildup. A probiotic supplement can also help to boost your friendly bacteria and repopulate after cleansing.

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For more information regarding enemas and real life success stories hop on over to

Written by Kyah Seary, Colon Hydrotherapist & Founder of Happy Bum Co


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