Date: 13 June 2022

A New Wellness Trend Sweeping The Gold Coast – The Modern Bathhouse.

SoakBathhouse Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is ahead of a new wellness trend that is seeing modern bathhouses pop-up in urban and regional centers, offering the body and mind a detox from daily life.

When it comes to traditional wellness therapies, bathhouses have been an important part of many traditional cultures especially in Asia and the Middle East where they continue to remain popular.

Japanese, Turkish and Korean Spas can be found across Australia with similar facilities and treatments to a traditional bathhouse, and well-known hot springs have become local attractions in locations such as Daylesford, but now modern bathhouses are popping up in major Australian cities and regional centres, offering water therapy, massage and spa treatments. They are mini-retreats you can fit into your week regularly or experience on your next wellbeing adventure.
Bathhouses are a place for preventive health care and healing by utilising steam rooms, mineral pools, saunas and fire pits, soaking tubs and spa, along with cold bath therapies.
Soak and sweat while you unplug and unwind. These communal spaces are also the prefect place to visit with a partner or friends – combine connecting with some self-care.
Lucky locals at the Gold Coast have three bathhouses in close proximity with a few more appearing not far away in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.
If you visit the Gold Coast then one (or more) of these – each unique in their own way – are a must-do for a bathhouse experience.


You need at least a half-day to visit The Bathhouse at Ground in Currumbin.
Enjoy an hour or two soaking, a relaxing massage, maybe some added therapies from their holistic practioners, along with a healthy meal at Pasture & Co. (the organic wholefood cafe next door) and a stroll around the eco-village and it’s local produce market and shop.
What’s special about this bathhouse is it’s all outdoors. Located amongst remnant rainforest and under a amazing old oak tree that shades you from the sun (and rain) and creates a magical forest atmosphere as part of your bathhouse experience.
Their Finnish style traditional sauna with a woodburning stove handmade by master blacksmiths using a mighty amount of hot volcanic stone gives you the ultimate sauna experience – many just can’t sit in it for too long but it really gets you sweating out the toxins!
Move from the sauna and into the cool mineral rich pool for the perfect hot cold body therapy – and if you are game book in an ice bath session under the expert guidance of their certified Wim Hoff method (WHM) instructor.


The Bathhouse at Ground


SOAK offers a different experience – an urban bathhouse more like you might find in cities such as New York and L.A.
Founded by Alexis Dyson who was struggling to stay healthy juggling the pressures of work and family, she wanted a wellness experience that people could fit easily into daily life, incorporating four pillars – recovery, nutrition, movement and community.
They call SOAK a retreat, reimagined.
Located in the heart of Surfers Paradise, near Pacific Fair Shopping centre, SOAK is a modern, welcoming environment, where you can connect with like minded soakers or simply connect with yourself.
Move between open-air hot spas, communal mineral baths, cold plunge, steam room and sauna, or unwind with one of their signature treatments.
They have also developed a range of custom protocols targeting specific concerns – boost your immunity, lose weight or improve your skin.
You can enjoy SOAK casually if you are visiting the Gold Coast but the focus is on making wellness accessible to the locals with tiered memberships to suit all budgets and encouraging people to look after their body and mind regularly.


SoakBathhouse Gold Coast


Greenhouse is located almost half-way between its bathhouse neighbours in the popular Gold Coast suburb of Burleigh.
Hidden behind a set of village shops in a beautifully styled wooden building, this boutique bathhouse is little a more intimate with only 10 bathers at a time.
With a relaxed beachy vibe, it offers two hydrotherapy spas, a custom built wet steam room, a traditional red cedar sauna, magnesium plunge pool, sundeck and lounge area.
Add on some DIY treatments to your 90 minute session like a face mask and use of their botanical skincare range, raw sweet treats with a  glass of kombucha (or bubbles!) or even a plant-based lunch served on the sun-deck.
Greenhouse also has a range of signature massages other menu and offers locals on the Gold Coast wellness memberships and inspiring heath and wellbeing monthly workshops.


Greenhouse The Bathhouse on the Gold Coast

So next time you’re heading to the Gold Coast and in need of a digital detox and some relaxation time, seek out one of these modern bathhouses by the beaches. After a bathhouse experience we are sure you will be searching for your own bathhouse oasis near home!
And if you are a Gold Coast local and haven’t had a bathhouse experience yet there is no time like the present – it may just be the new healthy habit your mind and body need!

Written by Lisa McLean

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