Date: 15 November 2023

Wellness Trend Alert: Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

Traditional Healing

The Wellness Trend: Medical Tourism, where hotels collaborate with medical facilities and private hospitals to offer guests comprehensive wellness services, has gained significant popularity in recent years. From an IV drip filled with nutrients to help reduce jetlag to more invasive procedures can now be organised by the hotels concierge. And guess who is leading the way in regards to this trend?

Thailand has always been a popular wellness destination. It’s natural beauty, traditional healing practices, affordable healthcare services and a high level of care are a large driving force. Couple this with luxurious accommodation and a Government strongly supporting medical tourism, and  ensuring high standards are met, means people are choosing Thailand for treatments, with a fantastic holiday as a positive side-effect.

By comparison, hospitals in Western countries have staff shortages, long wait lists, and elective surgeries come with a high price-tag. Not to mention, our (Australia’s) healthcare system is buckling under the weight of resource shortages and over-worked medical practitioners. So, it makes sense people will look for alternatives. Especially if standards are as high, waitlists are short, accommodation and food is equivalent to a five-star hotel and you can have access to therapies not yet approved in Australia, such as Very Small Embryonic-like Stem Cells (VSELs or V-Cell) Therapy.



The Thai government has made substantial investments in healthcare infrastructure, fostering the growth of world-class hospitals, wellness centers, and specialised medical facilities. This infrastructure is instrumental in attracting international tourists seeking high-quality medical and wellness services.


Thailand has established robust regulatory frameworks, including accreditation and licensing standards, to ensure the safety and quality of healthcare and wellness services for tourists.
These standards instill confidence among international patients.


The Thai government has streamlined visa processes for medical tourists, offering expedited visa services, extended visa durations, and in some cases, visa-free entry for patients and their accompanying family members if they need ongoing and regular treatment.


Thailand invests in research and development to advance medical technologies and treatments, positioning the country as a hub for cutting-edge healthcare solutions.

Medical Tourism 2


Government-sponsored training programs ensure healthcare professionals are well-trained and certified to serve international patients. Language training for healthcare staff enhances communication with patients from diverse backgrounds.


Thailand fosters international collaborations in the healthcare and wellness sectors. Agreements with foreign hospitals, insurance providers, and wellness organisations enhance the overall experience for medical and wellness tourists.


The Thai government collects data and conducts market research to understand the needs and preferences of medical and wellness tourists. This valuable information informs policies and services, ensuring they align with the expectations of international visitors.


Through collaborative efforts with private healthcare providers and wellness centers, the Thai government actively promotes the country as a medical and wellness tourism destination. International marketing campaigns showcase the range of services available and highlight Thailand’s reputation for medical excellence.


The Thai government provides tax incentives to healthcare providers and wellness centers that cater to international tourists. These incentives encourage investment in the sector and help maintain competitive pricing.

Without a doubt Thailand is paving the way in both wellness and medical tourism. It’s home to some of the best wellness retreats in the world in Kamalya, RAKxa and Chiva Som, it makes sense the country sets the standard in medical tourism.

The combination of affordability, high-quality healthcare, skilled professionals, and an attractive tourist destination makes Thailand a compelling choice for medical tourism.

This trend is likely to continue as more people discover the benefits of seeking medical treatment and wellness services in a country that does wellness so well.

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