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Spa & Wellness delivers the best spots to relax, revive, retreat, and restore… with a touch of beauty, and a sprinkle of interesting interviews with people who do wonderful things in our world. Simply click on a category below and watch your world open up!

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A beautiful publication that takes you on a journey for the mind, body and soul. Explore new destinations, experiences, discover what’s new in the world of spa, beauty and retreats.

Feed your mind, body & soul with rituals, recipes and new practices.

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The Longevity & Wellness Summit

The Longevity & Wellness Summit is an immersive, unique, one-day event specifically for businesses in the Spa & Wellness space. Including tech, touch, science, sustainability, movement, mindfulness, food, beauty, and workplace wellness. It is an active exchange of information and ideas presented in a highly interactive and engaging way.

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Through our wellness travel blog, venture into the wonderful world of Spa & Wellness. Let’s talk about the latest topic for wellness-seeking consumer.

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