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Results: Bath House

  • Natures Energy

    nature’s energy

    DAY SPA, BATH HOUSE Australia
    Situated in the inner city suburb of Balmain, Nature’s Energy has a spa menu filled with nourishing massage and beauty treatments, as well as immersive day spa packages, invigorating bathhouse experiences (with a traditional sauna,...
  • Vikasati Bathhouse Cold Magnesium Pool


    Vikasati offers a holistic approach to wellness, combining a state of the art bathhouse with fitness and wellness services. This all-in-one solution allows you to recharge, grow and become the best version of yourself without...
  • japanese mountain retreat

    japanese mountain retreat

    BATH HOUSE Australia
    Our vision for Romance Japanese Mountain Retreat’s beautiful surroundings awaken the senses, sumptuous body pampering, and time alone for connection – that’s where romance begins. Our five-acre mountain resort is designed exclusively for adults, with...
  • best bathhouse experiences in Australia

    sense of self bathhouse

    BATH HOUSE Australia
    We stand for a new standard of wellness. Sense Of Self Bathhouse is a wellness space for the modern being. There is bathing and sauna for those who want to get soaked, massage and spa...

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The expert and go-to consultant

When it comes to the Spa industry Kris is the first person who immediately comes to my mind. Having known Kris professionally for 10+ years I wholeheartedly recommend her as THE expert and go-to consultant. Over the years Kris has become a friend who I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone who is in the industry and seeking expert advice based on years of hands-on experience.

I’ve worked with Kris on a number of projects and every time she exceeds my expectations on her knowledge, practicalities and creativity for what can be created.

Samantha Sample, Be Genki

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