Date: 10 August 2021

Long & Luscious Lashes

Healthy long lashes

In the early 20th century, film director DW Griffith and Hollywood makeup artist Max Factor brought false lashes to the big screen. Since then, women (and men) across the globe have been trying everything to get the longer lash look. While lash extensions achieve the look, what does this do to your lashes in the longterm?

According to Natasha Creasey, finding an eyelash or two on your cheek is no cause for alarm if it is only happening every now and then. However, if you are noticing several eyelashes falling out at a time or bald patches appearing in your lash line – the sirens should start wailing. Listen!

Natasha is an Australian entrepreneur based in Sydney, and  the founder and owner of revolutionary skincare brand, AGENCY Skin. She is passionate about natural beauty and skincare that enhances. One of her products is dedicated to eyelashes, and years of researching eyelash health.

“So much of our beauty routine is centred around maintaining full and fluttery lashes; we curl them, add extensions onto them, enhance them with mascara and put falsies on top. It is no wonder we are quick to panic if our lash line starts to thin or there is unusual sparseness between lashes,” says Natasha.

“Similar to the hair on our head, our eyelashes go through phases of shedding, rest and growth. It is when the shedding phase starts to overpower the growth phase that we begin to feel concerned. If the problem persists, it is time to closely examine your beauty routine and overall health so that you can identify any potential triggers.”


Bad beauty habits

Going to sleep with your makeup on isn’t only costly to your skin, leaving mascara on for long periods of time can actually damage your eyelash hair follicles.

Lack of proper cleansing

Allowing the build-up of product around your eyes and lashes causes pore blockages which can lead to infections, bacteria issues, and more. This results in lash loss.


Similar to the hair on your head, your eyelashes will naturally thin as a part of the ageing process.

Aggressive face washing

Excessively rubbing your eyes when you are cleansing your face or removing makeup could also be causing your lashes to fall out.


The hormones in our body that are associated with increased levels of stress can trigger a reaction that leaves our lashes looking thinner.


The products in your beauty routine could be causing an allergic reaction that can lead to eyelash loss. Eyelash glue and extensions are common causes for allergic reactions.


Some medications affect your body’s natural processes causing issues such as hair loss including lash loss

Hormone changes

Hormone changes affect the body in different ways.  Monthly menstrual cycles and life changes such as menopause cause significant changes in hormone levels – all of which affect hair growth and loss.  Oestrogen levels are at their lowest when your period first start and as they dip, the level of iron in your body dips too, causing you to lose more hair than normal. In fact, in some cases, heavy bleeding triggers hair loss and thinning.

Medical and health conditions

Alopecia, thyroid disorders and inflammatory diseases can all cause your eyelashes to thin and should be treated with the help of a general practitioner. Chemotherapy and radiation are also known treatments that can negatively impact your lash count.

Poor diet low


According to Natasha, there are number of at-home remedies, and lifestyle and beauty changes, that you can implement to promote eyelash growth and combat eyelash loss. She has collated her top six tips for achieving naturally luscious lashes. Sha also recommends reviewing your diet and seeing your Health Care practitioner. Vitamin deficiencies and other underlying issues can cause hair loss.

Stop rubbing your eyes

A blotting technique is much gentler on our sensitive eye region. Rubbing, scrubbing and dragging are not required to cleanse your eye area – you just need a gentle eye makeup removing product and patting with a towel after washing your face. Your eye area is delicate. Not only will rubbing your eyes lead to irritating your lashes, it can also escalate the ageing process that will result in wrinkles.

Be cautious when curling

Mechanic eyelash curlers are safe to use in small doses; you should limit eyelash curling to no more than 10 to 20 seconds. Heated eyelash curlers however should be avoided at all costs – otherwise they will cost you your lashes.

Keep track of your product inventory

Every makeup and skincare product in your collection will have a use-by date clearly stipulated on its packaging. A general rule of thumb, however, is that your mascara should be renewed every three to six months. Products that are not fresh will transfer bacteria from the tube to your lashes, which can lead to lash loss.

Never rip off your false lashes

PIucking out your lash extensions and ripping off your falsies will traumatise your lashes and take out natural ones along with the faux ones. The best at-home technique for removing lashes is gently tapping an oil-based, eye-safe cleanser onto your lash line and massaging it in. Using a warm cloth, pat the area with water to gently loosen the glue and break down the adhesive.

Add an eyelash serum into your beauty routine

AGENCY Skin Lash Serum was developed to help people regrow and strengthen their lashes after experiencing lash damage and lash loss through lash extensions, false lashes, chemotherapy and radiation, and other medical and health conditions.

Use a mascara with built-in eyelash serum

While using a lash serum is a good idea and an important part of your skin care regime, you will probably still want to continue to use mascara.  Rather than use any old mascara that may continue to damage your eyelashes, use a mascara that contains eyelash serum support.  Agency Advanced Mascara is ideal to use while also using an eyelash serum.


As with facial serums, using a nourishing serum on our lash line can help restore lash health at a follicular level. But there is more you can do? Ensure your lash makeup supports and enhances eyelash health.

Your eyes are important and sensitive organs. Placing certain ingredients around your eyes can have a negative affect on your lashes, and if severe, your  eye site as well.

We can highly recommend Natasha’s well researched Lash Serum and Mascara to protect your eyes and restore the health of your lashes.

Effective skincare is rooted in science and Agency’s purpose is to create formulas that work. Utilising only safe ingredients at optimised percentages, plus plant derived ingredients for a healthy and balanced relationship status in the jar and on your skin.

For more information on AGENCY Skincare visit their website

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WARNING: If any product you put near your eyes causes redness and irritation, stop using immediately. See you doctor if it persists.

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