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The Spa & Wellness brand includes a printed annual magazine, an interactive and immersive bi-monthly online magazine, weekly blog posts, a regular newsletter, an active social media campaign (Instagram, Facebook, & LinkedIn), and an online directory.

We partner with like-minded, progressive brands to create meaningful, seamless and powerful content for both our audience and advertising partners.

Our focus is on curated campaigns, relationship-driven partnerships, exceptional branded content, and strategic advertisement placement, while always delivering an advertising-to-editorial ratio that is lower than industry average to ensure optimum exposure and effectiveness.

Advertise with us, we want to share your story, do disruptive social media campaigns with you, create special promotions, and have as many people as we can become your fan, your customer, and your advocate through our partnership.


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Spa and Wellness Media

Not just a brand Spa & Wellness



Our beautiful print magazine is still beautiful, but now a coffee-table-worthy annual
book. This annual will not only showcase our award recipients but give you an
opportunity to offer gifts, samples, discounts, or vouchers, further adding value and driving sales. It is stunningly designed and bursting with evergreen content that is likely to be devoured over and over and over again.

To complement this is a multimedia digital immersive magazine created eight times
per year. Already proving to be a winner and on-trend with how wellness-seeking Spa loving consumers want their content delivered.

Add a highly engaged social media channel, a comprehensive website, blogs and directory, regular email updates, and The Spa & Wellness Awards, you have a variety of opportunities to reach your target market.

Through desire we inspire
our Reader’s to take

Spa & Wellness delivers the best spots to relax, revive, retreat and restore, with a touch of beauty, a dose of wellness and sprinkles of interesting interviews with people who do wonderful things. Our new digital magazine allows readers to tap into their senses and enjoy the journey.

Magazine Issue 2


We have a budget-friendly 12 Month Package that includes print, social and digital marketing for around AU$2,000 per month. Why not combine the power of print and the versatility of the internet to increase your brand awareness to a highly targeted audience?

Or we can create something special that works for your brand and has all the bells and whistles.

For advertising enquiries, to create something special, or to request a media kit please contact

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