Date: 3 September 2021

7 Expert Tips On Making The Perfect Cup Of Coffee At Home

Coffee at home

As we all spend more time at home, making a great cup of coffee at home has become an obsession for many who enjoy a daily cuppa.

Paul Jackson is the founder of Australian Champion Roaster, Danes Specialty Coffee. Paul has been in the industry for over 25 years and along with his team has trained thousands of students in world class barista methods. Below he offers some expert hacks to help you serve up a cafe-style coffee at home.

1. Build a relationship with your roaster.

Your roaster will share tips and advice with you so that you can make the best cup at home. Don’t be afraid to ask when you are next at your favourite coffee spot.

2. Clean the Grinder.

Use a grinder cleaning pellet to make sure that the grinder is free from oils. Oils build up over time. There is a great product called grinder clean which cleans the blades. Cleaning the grinder keeps the oils down and does not affect the taste of the new coffee beans that you put in your machine. 

3. Always start with clean equipment

Ensure that your machine is kept clean. You can buy cleaning tablets for most coffee machines but also stay on top of cleaning the machine after every use.

4. Ensure your beans are great quality and fresh

Cafes are cutting costs by decreasing bean quality. Check when your beans were roasted. Fresh beans and beans that are not too dark will have a much better flavour and taste. Darker roasted beans are too oily. Store coffee beans in a cool, dry place. An  airtight container away from heat and direct sunlight is best. Also use your coffee beans within 4-6 weeks after the day they have been roasted.

5. Filter the water

Use a water filter. There is a huge difference in taste when making coffee with tap water and filtered water. Minerals in water are great but the chemicals that make it drinkable change the taste.

Danes Coffee being poured

6. Milk

Some of the cheaper milk is over processed and the proteins don’t hold together under the steam wand. Use milk that is healthier, less processed and better quality. Micro bubbles are created with great quality milk and can create the best coffee flavour.

Also. be aware of milk temperature. 60 degrees is optimum. Some people like the milk to be 65 degrees. If you heat the milk too high you are killing proteins which take away from sweetness and flavour. Heat also makes the milk thin and watery.

7. Strength

There is 6g of coffee in a pod. Only way to get a quality shot is to use 12g of coffee per shot.

You can purchase Danes Speciality coffee from their website. You can even subscribe so you never run out. Happy brewing!

Thanks to Paul Jackson from Danes and Beaches Covered for the above image.

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