Date: 7 June 2024

Connect With Nature On Global Wellness Day

Global Wellness Day Featured Image

Global Wellness Day is celebrated tomorrow (8 June) with a host of free activities to enjoy so everyone can participate and experience wellness. From free classes to online workshops, the best of the best have come together across the globe to encourage people to have a healthier life.

Founded by Belkin Aksoy in 2012, GWD  now has over 130 countries participating with the single mission, “One day, can change your whole life!” To learn more you can visit their website here.

The theme for this year’s Global Wellness Day is to connect with Nature. A harmonious connection with the natural world is essential for overall well-being. Nature is not just a place; it’s an experience that nurtures physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Global Wellness Day Connect With Nature


You just need to walk through a forest, soak in a hot spring or breathe in salty sea air to boost your mood and calm your mind. Or take it a step further, plunge in freezing water, run naked through snow or float in the dead sea to feel invigorated. There is no denying nature is a natural healer, so good for your soul… and your wellbeing!

Studies reveal that we are healthier, happier, and perhaps even smarter and more creative when we connect with nature. Other key benefits of spending time in nature are:

  1. Increased feelings of calmness
  2. Increased endorphin levels and dopamine production (promotes happiness)
  3. Restored capacity for concentration and attention
  4. Reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression
  5. Reduced irritability
  6. Lowered blood pressure and reduced cortisol (stress hormone)
  7. Reduced feelings of isolation


Turn To Trees Global Wellness Day

Turning to Trees

Forest Bathing has become ‘a thing’ with the Western world, although a practice enjoyed in the East for Centuries. Ancient Indians would hold their important meetings where major decision were made under Neem trees. This tree has incredible healing properties, as well as dispelling more oxygen than most trees. Oxygen clears the mind and would help with clarity. Even today, every ‘Council’ building in India has several Neem trees planted in the gardens.

Dr Qing Li, one of the world’s leading experts on the power of trees and spending time in nature, has been researching and conductive scientific studies since the mid-1980s in Japan. Evidence showed Forest Bathing lowers blood pressure and significantly boosts natural killer (NK) cells and anticancer proteins.

NK cells are a type of immune cell that has small particles with enzymes that can kill tumour cells or cells infected with a virus. It is a type of white blood cell also called NK-LGL. With so much virus surrounding us, now is the perfect time to take up bush walking.

Walk In The Forest - Global Wellness Day

As you walk in the forest, you’re enveloped by the atmosphere—sounds, colours, scents and more, and the mindfulness that occurs. There are a multitude of benefits in doing this. The art and benefits of Forest Bathing are explained in Dr Li’s book, Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness, released in 2018. The book is described as “the definitive guide to the therapeutic Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku or the art and science of how trees can promote health and happiness.”

Forest bathing is now truly recognised as a practice to improve wellbeing. Our world suffers from “nature deficit disorder” so why not use this year’s GWD to get out in nature (rain, hail or shine) and feel the benefits.

by Kris Abbey


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