Date: 24 May 2024

Hacks To Improve Your 10km Run

Hacks To Improve Your 10km Run

Fun run season is coming up and whether you are training for the Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 10&5K “Retro Run” or the Bridge Run at the Sydney Marathon, we can all be tweaking our prep to improve our 10k run.

I for one absolutely love running. I turned to it when I retired from my NRL career so I would have something to train for. I have found that not only does it provide a great challenge, but it also has been amazing for my mental health. While I will often just run to zone out and clear my head, I like to up the ante when an event is coming up. Here are some of my top tips to help improve your 10km run.


Add in strength training

While running is the obvious way to train for a fun run, strength training may be what changes the game for you if you want to improve your time or get the most out of your run.
Running can be hard on the body. As we tire, our posture may start to slip, we may start hunching over, and our core may disengage which can put pressure on the lower back. When we run we are also pounding the pavement on one leg at a time, and as most of us have a dominant leg, the other leg will be focused to work equally.
Therefore I recommend doing lots of single-leg strength exercises that force your legs to work equally such as walking lunges, one-leg squats with a TRX and one-leg deadlift. You should also include core exercises as well as exercises that work on your posture.

Preparing For A Fun Run

Routine Recovery 

Recovery is an essential part of preparing for a fun run. Stretch after each training session, get a massage, have an icebath, use a massage gun, see the physio, get a massage. The more you allow your body to recover, the better it will perform. Don’t just wait until you feel sore either. I would recommend adding it to your routine. It is not hard to stretch after a workout, nor is it hard to use a massage gun or foam roller in front of the TV.


Consider your run gear

So many people get excited about signing up for a fun run, and they go buy a new outfit and new shoes only to realise that the clothing is not comfortable and the shoes are giving them blisters.
While it is perfectly fine to shop for the occasion, make sure you break the items in a couple of weeks before the event. This should help minimise the risk of getting blisters or realising that the clothing you bought are uncomfortable. If you are doing a long run I would also recommend getting some nipple tape.
Also, consider investing in some Step One underwear as they were invented to minimise the risk of thigh chafing and they are made from a breathable fabric.


Mix Up Your Runs


Mix up your runs

When it comes to the running part of your training, it pays to understand what terrain you will be working with and factor it into your training routine.
In addition to a long run day each week. If you know the track has hills on it, you will need to add a hill sprint day to your weekly workout schedule so your body is ready for the hills.
If you know there will be sand or dirt on the track, train in it at least once a week. Also, make sure you practise your sprinting and speed play as you will want to overtake people at points during the race and you will most likely want to sprint to the finish line.


Fuel up

Runners need fuel. Make sure you are eating a diet that is rich in protein, wholegrain, fruit and veggies. Try not to eat a meal that your body is not used to the day before the event or you may find yourself feeling off, and that will do you no favours if you are looking to improve your 10k.
By Ben Lucas Director of Flow Athletic and founder of the Paddo Panthers RC 

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