Date: 21 November 2022

9 Simple Tips To Reduce Puffy Eyes

Reduce puffy eyes

Whether it’s lack of sleep, environment or stress, your eyes can be sensitive to puffiness and dark circles. We have all tried eyedrops, teabags and expensive creams to try to eliminate or conceal those bags packed for Paris. Unfortunately, the only way to help reduce the puffiness and dark circles is to understand where it is stemming from.

Roshni Patel, BSC (Hons) MCOptom reveals the truth behind bags under our eyes and the causes of them in our latest digital magazine. She reveals “Bags under the eyes are commonly associated with a lack of sleep, and appear as mild swelling or puffiness, primarily as a result of fluid accumulation. They are mainly a cosmetic concern and rarely ever are a sign of a serious medical condition.”

However, she suggests understanding the cause is an important first step to reduce puffy eyes. Some common causes of puffy eyes include fluid retention, allergies, sun exposure, smoking or possibly a hereditary condition.

The next step is knowing what you can do at home to settle the puffiness, refresh the eyes and keep them healthy and bright.

Reduce puffy eyes and have bright eyes

1. Longer and more consistent sleep

Lack of rest is the most common reason for eye bags, but sleeping efficiently with regular hours can contribute to a healthier lifestyle in general.

2. Reduce stress

Stress can lead to worse sleep and puffy eyes. Dealing with it with options like exercise and lifestyle decisions can help protect your mental health, and reduce the toll on your body.

3. Eat less salt and have more iron-rich food

Salt encourages fluid retention in the body and can result in fluid build-up under the eyes. A reduction in salt intake may assist with reducing puffiness. For those that struggle with anemia, eating iron-rich foods may also help to reduce symptoms as they allow the increase of oxygen to reach the tissues in your body and avoid the appearance of dark circles.

Cold or caffeinated compress can help reduce puffy eyes

4. Remember to take your makeup off before bed

After a long day, it’s important to wash your face and remove all makeup before going to sleep. Leaving eye makeup on overnight can irritate your eyes and as a result can increase your chances of infection which can make your eyes become red and puffy.

5. Cold or caffeinated compress

Caffeine and cold can both help to lessen the appearance of bags under the eyes. A cool green tea bag applied under the eyes may reduce puffiness.

6. Reduce your alcohol intake

Dehydration can lead to dark circles under your eyes and bags, so cutting out or reducing alcohol, which contributes to dehydration may help relieve this appearance.

Reducing puffy eyes hydration

7. Use sun cream

Sun exposure can accelerate the effects of ageing and ultimately lead to bags under the eyes as the tissues weaken. Use sun cream to protect your body from UV rays.

8. Include retinol cream in your everyday skin routine

Retinol is a cream that’s been used to tackle acne, aging, psoriasis and even certain cancers, and is an ingredient that is related to vitamin A. Retinal can help tackle eye bags as when applied to the skin it can improve collagen deficiency. It is typically applied as a cream gel or liquid form and is applied once a day.

9. Stay hydrated

Dehydration can be a significant factor to experiencing under-eye bags. It’s important we are keeping our water levels replenished each day, with experts recommending drinking around 13 cups of fluids a day for men and 9 for women will significantly reduce puffy eyes.

Under-eye filler is another option to refresh your under-eye areas and regain confidence in your appearance. Contour Clinics offer a range of treatments for the tear trough area. These treatment options reduce fine lines, soften dark circles, eliminate puffy under-eye bags and fill hollows.

Read more about the reasons behind puffy eyes in the Spa & Wellness magazine Issue #2

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