Date: 27 March 2024

7 Retreats Offering Biohacking For Optimal Wellbeing

6 Retreats Offering Biohacking For Optimal Wellbeing

Human optimisation, also referred to as biohacking, sees the body as a system, and improves the whole system for optimal wellness. 

If you are want to know how to short-circuit the ageing process, there is no better place to start than at an integrative wellness retreat. With a combination of modern science and age-old practices, such as meditation, cold therapy, breath work and fasting (to name a few), you will learn the most optimal ways to bio-hack your body.

Below we share 7 of the best biohacking retreats around the world who combine both cutting-edge treatments using the latest science to bio-hack your body, along with the more traditional approaches for your optimal wellbeing and healthy ageing.


Soma, Australia

1. Soma, Australia

Soma, is a stunning property 10 minutes from Byron Bay. It achieved notoriety for being the location for Nine Perfect Strangers, the small-screen adaptation of Liane Moriary’s bestselling novel. You can book one of Soma’s in-house retreats or round up a group of friends and take over the entire 10-bedroom luxurious hideaway, complete with chef who specialises in Ayurvedic Cuisine.

Soma’s Retreats focus on treating the body as a whole from inside out. You will enjoy incredible healing cuisine, loaded with adaptogenic ingredients which is perfect if you suffer stress and burn-out which has a huge impact on your adrenals. Your adrenal glands produce hormones that help regulate your metabolism, immune system, blood pressure, response to stress and other essential functions.

They also have a great an incredible Mind Program for rewiring your thought pattern, consciousness and creativity.

BEST BIOHACK SUPERPOWER: Magnesium icebath, infrared sauna and Vedic Meditation practices.



Aro Ha, New Zealand

2. Aro Ha, New Zealand

Aro Ha is a multi-award winning retreat where wellness traditions meet luxury. It is set in the pristine Southern Alps, near Queenstown and promises both a physical and emotional transformation. Aro Ha’s programs are based on research that suggests we can fundamentally transform our physical and emotional health through our daily habits.

Waking to the beautiful chimes of a Tibetan bowl, you begin your day watching the sunrise over the mountains from the yoga studio. After a perfectly balanced and nourishing breakfast, you’ll explore the subalpine trails, immersing yourself in the potent power of nature. Mindfulness practices are intertwined throughout the day as you particapte in curated activities; from cooking classes to functional strength training.

Aro Ha encourages you to switch off from technology and renew your awareness. Navigating between group and solo activities, you’ll learn to balance solitude and community for wellbeing and clarity.

BEST BIOHACK SUPERPOWER: Breathwork. If you are familiar with the name Wim Hof, you will know the first pillar of the wim hof method is breathing. We’re always breathing, yet we’re mostly unaware of its tremendous potential. Heightened oxygen levels hold a treasure trove of benefits, and the specialised breathing technique of the Wim Hof Method unearths them all: more energy, reduced stress levels, better sleep and an augmented immune response.



Sha Wellness Clinic, Spain

3. Sha Wellness Clinic, Spain


One of the most sophisticated and scientific retreats in the world, Sha Wellness Clinic is definitely for those who want to biohack the body and use scientific intervention for optimum results. The SHA Method combines the latest medical advances with dietary re-education and various natural therapies to improve and prolong health.

Based on 8 main areas: healthy nutrition, natural therapies, preventive and healthy ageing medicine, advanced aesthetics, cognitive stimulation and emotional health, wellbeing and inner balance, and physical performance you will achieve an entire body makeover. And while there are plenty of experts in white coats, it feels anything but a clinic.

The beautiful luxury accommodation is set overlooking the Mediterranean located in one of Europe’s most privileged locations. And like all good spa retreats, your journey begins before you arrive. Your pre-visit, comprehensive health questionaire helps shape your wellness program, so the minute you arrive you begin your transformation.

BEST BIOHACK SUPERPOWER: Sha has many as their pure purpose is to Biohack your body for optimal health. They drill down to your deficiencies through blood tests, DNA tests, and body scans and then prescribe you with your specific ‘Optimal Health’ road map. It’s up to you how much modern intervention you include in your program, versus traditional modalities.



Kamalaya, Thailand

4. Kamalaya, Thailand

Centred around a cave that once served Buddhist monks as a place of meditation and spiritual retreat, Kamalaya’s essence is the growth and unfolding of the human spirit. With devotees such as Oprah Winfrey, Kamalaya appeals to those looking for a true wellness retreat, ensconced in luxury.

Founded by a former yogi monk and his wife, an acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine expert, the offering is strongly influenced by Eastern philosophy with a Western twist. It is known (and has been awarded) for its highly effective detox programs. The programs combine a mostly raw diet, infrared sauna sessions, and chi nei tsang, a Taoist abdominal massage.

Other wellness programs on offer help with stress, adrenal burnout, poor lifestyle and sleep. You can also have the team of international experts create a bespoke retreat utilising their extensive range of holistic medicines, spa treatments and healing therapies. Kamalaya is for those who want to experience a life-enriching, healthy holiday in a tranquil, nurturing environment.

BEST BIOHACK SUPERPOWER: Detoxing your body is one of the best things you can do to achieve optimal health. Giving your major organs a break from clearing out toxins, and then nurturing those organs with healing cuisine will have an immense impact on your body. A guided detox in a professional setting is the best thing you can do to reduce inflammation. The easiest way to disrupt your biology and slow the ageing process.



Ananda, India

5. Ananda, India

India is the home to some of the best wellness retreats and spas in the world, simply because it lays claim to one of the world’s oldest healing modality – Ayurveda – and is birth mother to the practice of yoga.

Ananda, is touted as the best luxury wellness retreat in India, integrating traditional Ayurvedic philosophies with various forms of yoga. Add to this the spectacular backdrop that is the Himalayas, and you have the ultimate wellness experience wrapped up in a bow of understated opulence. Having played host to some of India’s most renowned heads of state during the Maharaja’s reign, the Viceregal Palace features a resplendent facade worthy of this luxury spa destination. ‘

With specialised areas dedicated to traditional Indian Ayurveda, as well as Oriental and contemporary Western therapies, the spa offers an eclectic menu of over 80 body and beauty treatments. With a comprehensive wellness program including stress and weight management, rejuvenation, detox, fitness and anti-ageing, it caters to everyone, even those just wanting a place to relax.

BEST BIOHACK SUPERPOWER: Ayurvedic medicine is the oldest medicine practices on this planet. Why has it stood the test of time… it works. The entire premise is based on your doctor keeping you healthy. If you get sick – you stop paying them! It also holds the belief the mind and body work as one! That is optimal health.



Zulal Wellness Resort By Chiva Som, Qatar

6. Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva Som, Qatar

If you are know your Spa Retreats, you will know the name Chiva Som. It is the pioneer of wellness retreats opening in 1995. The original philosophy being ‘for a person to transform their health, the Mind, Body and the Spirit must be given equal care and attention’ still stands today.

A Health and Wellness Advisor will listen and work one-on- one with you to clarify your goals and find the most suitable way to achieve them throughout your stay. The Chiva Som brand has recently spanned its wings into the Middle East’s with their first full-immersion wellness resort, Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som.

It is Qatar’s largest wellness destination and the world’s first center of Traditional Arabic Islamic Medicine (TAIM). Prepare yourself for specially developed unique wellness therapies, architecture and services inspired by local heritage, and both a traditional and modern Qatari cultural experience. Located on the coast in northern Qatar, Zulal by Chiva-Som is luxury, culture, and wellness packaged in one. 

BEST BIOHACK SUPERPOWER: The total body approach is quite incredible. However, if you do want to slow down time with non-invasive cosmetic enhancements, there is a medi-spa element too!


Rakxa Cha Tea House


7. RAKxa Wellness, Thailand

Combining luxury accommodation in a beautiful location with serious health advice to give results is RAKxa. Advanced medical sciences are integrated with holistic wellness for preventive health.

The term ‘rakxa’, in Thai language, means to preserve or to heal, which is the foundation of their concept. This concept was launched in partnership with VitalLife Scientific Wellness Clinic (the anti-aging clinic of Bumrungrad International Hospital) with the aim of creating a fully integrated wellness and medical retreat.

RAKxa’s wellness programs are tailored to each guests specific needs and include personalised assessments, consultations and treatments.

The retreat’s programs draw from a range of healing traditions, including traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Ayurveda and modern Western medicine. Your retreat program will include services such as acupuncture, massage, herbal remedies, nutritional therapy and fitness classes.

In addition to its wellness programs, RAKxa also offers a range of educational and experiential activities designed to promote mindfulness, stress reduction, and overall well-being.

These activities may include meditation classes, yoga sessions, cooking classes, and nature walks, or more scientific workshops on epigenetics, gut health or the benefits of intermittent fasting.

Their is also an Aesthetics Clinic for minor, non-invasive facial and body treatments so you can enhance your outer appearance as you improve your inner health. These treatments range from anti-wrinkle treatments, fillers, PDO Threads and laser, to the latest in cosmetic procedure – some not yet available in Australia.

BEST BIOHACK SUPERPOWER: The list of therapies and treatments fill a book. Seriously, there is something for every possible body, mind and spiritual need. It is truly a brilliant and sophisticated offering, with all practitioners working together to provide you with your ‘designer’ retreat based on your needs and personal preference.



Written by Kris Abbey, Founder Spa&Wellness

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